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Explore tools for therapeutic antibody discovery, from target identification to lead optimization.

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Monoclonal antibody drug discovery begins with identifying the functional therapeutic target and evaluating its role in the disease of interest. This identification is then followed by characterization of the molecular mechanisms addressed by this target. All targets should be druggable and modulated by the potential therapeutic. These early phases have been simplified by the advent of various genome engineering and hybridoma techniques, which can be used for biotherapeutic antibody target and lead discovery.

Get ahead of the game

Uncover, select, and validate new targets with a strong link to disease. Choices made early in the drug discovery process are highly linked to ultimate failure or success in a drug discovery program. Identification of the most suitable, druggable target is key to success. We offer a complete set of curated genome-wide, pathway-specific, and protein family targeting screening tools to facilitate your target discovery.

Scientist standing and holding a box of MILLIPLEX® multiplexing biomarker assay reagents next to a Luminex® instrument with an SMCxPRO® ultrasensitive immunoassay instrument on a bench in the background
Target Discovery
  • Functional Genomics Screening Tools for Target Identification
  • In vitro Tools for Target Validation
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Lead Selection and Optimization
  • mAb Production
  • Purification
  • Screening and Selecting mAb Candidates
  • Lead Optimization
Smiling scientist sitting in front of bench with a microscope, CellASIC® ONIX2 live cell imaging system, and computer monitor
Preclinical Development
  • Preclinical Models
  • PK/PD and Immunogenicity

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  • Pooled CRISPR Screening

    CRISPR lentiviral products are powerful research tools for the discovery of novel targets essential to human health and disease. As a world leader in the production of lentiviral libraries, we design and build custom pools to any specifications.

  • MULTI-seq Sample Multiplexing for Single Cell Analysis

    scRNA-seq is a powerful tool to analyze gene expression at the single-cell level. MULTI-seq was developed to multiplex sample types, allowing for multiple samples to be pooled together in the same single-cell analysis workflow.

  • The ELISpot Assay Enables Functional Analysis of Cellular Immunology

    Recent improvements to the design of multiwell microplates, including use of membranes with reduced background fluorescence, have bolstered the widespread application of ELISpot assays.

  • Designing Peptides

    When selecting peptides for custom synthesis, several important factors should be considered during the design process. These considerations include sequence length, solubility and sequence stability.

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3D illustration of a double-stranded DNA strand in white, with a section in light pink cut out
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Knockout, knock-in, knockdown, or overexpress your targets with our CRISPR gene-editing tools.

An Erlenmeyer flask containing red culture media, with a serological pipet drawing up media from the flask
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A small, brown glass bottle next to a larger blue plastic bottle with a white label
Antibody Protein Purification

Chromatography purification of antibodies for lab scale, process scale, and industrial scale.

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