Therapeutic Antibody Development

Tools to accelerate preclinical studies in antibody
drug development.


Robust preclinical methods are crucial for evaluation of potential antibody drugs, ensuring that time, money, and effort are spent on the most promising candidates with greatest therapeutic potential. Recent advances in preclinical modeling and multi-parameter analysis have significantly improved the rigor of experimental evaluation of lead antibody candidates. Our products provide more biologically relevant models and enable more comprehensive assessment to accelerate therapeutic antibody development. 

Preclinical Efficacy and Safety

In vitro Models

Cell-based assays, 2D, and 3D models offer invaluable advantages to early drug discovery, providing cost-effective and efficient methods for identifying lead candidates with high affinity, high specificity, and low toxicity. The advent of next-generation, advanced cell culture models has transformed drug discovery and development, providing tools that more precisely replicate the in vivo environment and more accurately predict physiological response. Such models have become crucial for better evaluating the efficacy and toxicology of drugs. By measuring various cellular processes, the most promising candidates can be selected for further development, accelerating drug discovery while shedding comprehensive light on a drug candidate’s potential effects. We provide numerous cellular models, assays, instruments, and reagents to support your drug development needs.

PK/PD and Immunogenicity

Comprehensively analyze preclinical response with MILLIPLEX® multiplexing biomarker assays. Based on Luminex® xMAP® technology, MILLIPLEX® assays enable precise, multiparametric analysis. Our wide-ranging, industry leading MILLIPLEX® panels include kits to measure cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, immunoglobulins, and more. These panels enable quantitative investigation of the modulation and expression of dozens of analytes simultaneously, with speed and sensitivity. For highest sensitivity, evaluate biotherapeutic PK/PD and immunogenicity using SMC® technology for detection at the single molecule level.

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Protein mass spectrometry tools

Human iPSC-derived and patient-derived organoids for advanced cell culture.

Protein mass spectrometry tools
Cell Analysis

Products for live cell imaging, cell health, and cell migration and invasion.

A scientist wearing purple gloves holds a red filter.
Sterile Media Filtration

Featuring high-performance Millipore® membranes in a wide variety of formats.

Photograph of scientist’s hand using tweezers to place a Millicell® cell culture insert containing culture media into a microplate
Millicell® Cell Culture Inserts and Plates

Promoting natural, multidimensional growth for more relevant in vitro models.

A mass spectrometer sits in focus in the center of the photo. Behind and to the right stands a scientist with his back turned
Protein Mass Spectrometry

Comprehensive mass spectrometry reagents to cover your complete workflow.

MILLIPEX® Multiplexing Immunoassay reagents next to a Luminex® instrument
MILLIPLEX® Multiplex for Luminex® Immunoassays

Analyze preclinical response with MILLIPLEX® multiplexing biomarker assays.

SMC (Single Molecule Counting) Assay Kit
SMC® Ultrasensitive Immunoassay Technology

SMC® high sensitivity technology for sensitivity down to the single molecule.

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