Target Identification for Antibody Drug Discovery

Identify targets using the most comprehensive set
of genome-wide screening tools available.

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Target discovery involves the identification of specific genes or proteins that play a key role in disease. We offer a complete set of genome-modifying screening tools, including CRISPR and shRNA modalities, to facilitate target identification for monoclonal antibody screening. These tools can be combined with a wide array of cellular and biochemical tools to fast-track target validation and therapeutic development. 

Tools for Target Identification and Validation

Functional Genomics Screening Tools for Target Identification

3D illustration of a double-stranded DNA strand in white, with a section in light pink cut out

Identify novel therapeutic targets using the most complete set of genome-wide functional genomics screening tools available. 

In vitro Tools for Target Validation

Developing cellular assays for lead discovery requires the production of biologically relevant models for comprehensive assessment. Our premier in vitro solutions include assays, reagents, and cell culture tools designed to help researchers validate their screened targets and identify phenotypes. We provide a comprehensive range of disease-relevant cell lines to enable the development of tissue-specific models for drug screening. Our organoid portfolio includes both iPSC- and patient-derived organoids, enabling drug screening in highly biomimetic models supported by specialized media, reagents, and 3D cell culture plates. Maximize your lead discovery with our MultiScreen® HTS plates or use our Millicell® cell culture inserts and plates to create scalable 6-, 12-, 24-, or 96-well cell assay environments. Our immunoassay platform solutions and western blotting tools enable sensitive qualitative or quantitative detection of biomarkers on any scale.

Related Categories

Microscopic image of fluorescently-stained mammalian cells
Mammalian Cell Lines

ECACC repository cell lines, cancer cell lines, cellular models, and more.

Blood, patient tumor xenografts, and hepatocytes for drug screening and ADME/tox
Primary Cells

Human primary cells, normal and disease state PBMCs, and immune cells.

Microscopic image of fluorescently-stained human colon organoids

Human iPSC-derived and patient-derived organoids for advanced cell culture.

A scientist’s hand using tweezers to place a Millicell® cell culture insert containing culture media into a microplate
Millicell® Cell Culture Inserts

Promoting natural, multidimensional growth for more relevant in vitro models.

Cells stained with CellVue® Claret far red membrane label
Live Cell Imaging Reagents

Fluorescent dyes, probes, biosensors, and labeling technologies for cell imaging.

A scientist working at a bench, using tweezers to manipulate a blotting membrane
Western Blotting Tools

Reagents, consumables, and equipment for electrophoresis and detection.

MILLIPEX® Multiplexing Immunoassay reagents next to a Luminex® instrument
Immunoassay Platform Solutions

Biomarker data you can trust for best next-step decisions.

96-well and 384-well MultiScreen® filter plates
MultiScreen® Filter Plates

Filtration plates for cell-based assays, ELISpot, ligand binding, and more.

96-well and 384-well MultiScreen® filter plates
MULTI-seq Lipid-Modified Oligos

Multiplexed scRNA-seq for gene expression analysis.

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