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mRNA Research

Synthetic mRNA is viewed as a viable and functional replacement for mature mRNA in both in vitro and in vivo research projects, including therapeutic development and delivery. Our comprehensive offering of premier tools and reagents helps you realize the potential of synthetic mRNA in your biopharmaceutical and life science research applications.

We provide a diverse portfolio of premium products to aid in your research, from tools and kits to isolate and purify total RNA to cells and enzymes that accelerate the synthesis of mRNA. 

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  • RT-qPCR products combine the effective of Reverse Transcriptase with hot-start taq-directed antibody in convenient ReadyMixes for probe-based or SYBR® Green based applications.

Related Protocols

Antigen Discovery Products

Identification of a specific target antigen is a crucial step in mRNA vaccine development. We offer tools for genomics analysis, protein analysis, and antibody screening techniques to provide a comprehensive approach to antigen discovery.

mRNA Synthesis

For in vitro delivery of mRNA for applications such as stem cell induction, protein replacement, cancer immunotherapies, or vaccine modalities, synthetic mRNA has become a critical tool in diverse biopharmaceutical approaches. Our portfolio of mRNA synthesis products includes:

Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP) Selection and Formulation

Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are critical vehicles for mRNA delivery - encapsulating and conveying mRNA safely to cells. LNP selection is integral at the earliest stages of vaccine and therapeutic mRNA delivery research. We offer a comprehensive portfolio for lipid selection and LNP formulation, including:

  • Non-GMP lipids for use in mRNA targeting and delivery research, such as cationic lipids, PEG and structural lipids, and cholesterol
  • NanoFabTx™ reagent and microfluidic device kits provide a ready-to-use platform to screen multiple formulations, and ultimately synthesize mRNA or drug-encapsulated liposomes for preclinical assessments
  • Amicon® Ultra filters support high recovery concentration and diafiltration of mRNA-LNPs and other biomolecules

Watch On-demand Panel Discussion: Revolutionizing Lipid-Based Delivery with Advances in Cell Models and Lipid Technology

Preclinical Assessment

  • We offer a wide range of premier cell culture products and in vitro 2D and 3D cell culture tools that enable reliable in vitro immunogenicity testing using biologically relevant models.
  • 3D bioprinting offers a novel approach to in vitro preclinical assessment of mRNA-based therapeutics by providing: 
    • Enhanced tissue models - 3D bioprinting enables the creation of complex tissue structures that closely mimic native human tissues, providing a more accurate representation for assessing mRNA-based interventions.
    • Customizable microenvironments - Precise control over the cellular composition and microenvironment within 3D bioprinted tissues facilitates the study of mRNA delivery, expression, and therapeutic responses in a physiological relevant context.
    • High-throughput capabilities - utilizing 3D bioprinted tissue models allows for scalable and automated platforms, enabling efficient mRNA screening with increased throughput and improved reproducibility.

Our Products and Services Support the Following Areas


• Antigen Discovery Products
• mRNA Synthesis
• LNP Selection and Formulation
• 3D Bioprinting


    • Characterization and Method Development
    • Plasmid DNA Production and mRNA Synthesis & Purification
    • mRNA Contract Development and Manufacturing Services
    • Lipid Nanoparticle Formulation (LNP)
    • Preclinical Assessment
    • mRNA Development Services

      Manufacturing & Formulation

      • mRNA Synthesis and Purification Products
      • mRNA Contract Development and Manufacturing Services
      • Lipid Nanoparticle Formulation (LNP)
      • Cell Banking and Storage
      • Facility Engineering Services
      • mRNA Testing Services

        Analytical & Quality Control

        • Analytical Quality Control
        • Microbial Quality Control
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