Robert Nass

Robert Nass

Head of Quality & Regulatory Management

Robert Nass is head of Quality & Regulatory Management for the Life Science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany (and/or its affiliates). As member of the Life Science Executive Team, he is responsible for developing, socializing, and executing the quality and regulatory strategy for the Life Science business with approximately 28,000 employees, supporting all business units as well as the global manufacturing and distribution site network. Nass’s organization oversees all quality-related topics such as quality assurance, quality management systems as well as regulatory compliance of the Life Science products and services. Additionally, Quality & Regulatory Management is responsible for master data governance as well as digitalization and automation of quality and regulatory processes. Building on a strong quality culture, Nass and his team support customers to achieve their quality, regulatory, and business objectives in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Nass is a key member of several company committees such as the Corporate Quality Council, the Corporate Public Policy Council, the Life Science Operations and Quality Review Committee as well as the Life Science Innovation Board. In this role, he provides guidance on quality, regulatory, and compliance topics and helps to drive the company’s innovation strategy in line with its quality vision. Furthermore, he is a member of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering and the Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Leadership Forum.

Nass has held several leadership positions within the company. He was vice president and head of Quality & Regulatory Management, where he led the implementation of quality management systems that foster a culture of quality assurance throughout the business. His organization ensured that products are registered according to applicable regulations.

Nass joined the company in 1998 and held several positions with a focus on quality assurance, being responsible for activities such as quality assurance systems and auditing, regulatory compliance, validation, and Good Manufacturing Practice support across pharmaceutical development and production. He has broad experience in pharma and chemical regulations. Nass’ past roles included vice president of Corporate Quality Assurance, director of Quality Operations in Darmstadt, Germany and director of Quality in France. Prior to joining the company, Nass worked for Roche as a production manager for the manufacturing of sterile injectable products.

Nass holds a Doctorate in pharmacy, has passed the German state examination, and was registered Qualified Person for finished pharmaceutical products in Germany and France.

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