Starter Program

Giving new labs a head start

With the multitude of bioscience suppliers and business service options available, it can be a challenge just to figure out where to start. Our Biotechnology Essentials Starter Program simplifies the task of procuring all of the supplies and equipment your team needs to transform experimental plans into results. Our comprehensive catalog of over 300,000 products includes reagents, labware and instruments, comprising complete solutions for chemical and biological workflows. Discount programs for startup are designed to meet the needs of your budget.

Cell Culture Essentials

We have developed an industry-leading selection of reagents for cell culture, including albumins, amino acids, antibiotics, attachment factors, buffers, cell lines, growth factors, media, sera, stains and general reagents.

Chemistry Fundamentals

Built on years of expertise, we offer a broad selection of chemistry essentials covering building blocks, catalysis, organometallics, synthetic reagents and much more.

Molecular Biology Essentials

Most molecular biology workflows begin with nucleic acid purification and/or PCR. Whether your goal is to clone and express your favorite gene, sequence cDNA, or study epigenetic changes in a disease of interest, we have a range of comprehensive, off-the-shelf solutions to accelerate your research.

Protein Bioanalysis

Analyzing large molecules like proteins may be one of the greatest challenges that the bioanalyst faces at the beginning of the 21st century. Bioanalysis involves the separation, detection, identification and quantification of biological samples in different settings. Protein solubilization and cell lysis are key to effective analysis. Complete recovery and further purification of selective fractions permit global and targeted proteomics. Proteomics analysis schemes require up and downstream reagent and instrument compatibility for today’s integrated 2-dimensional electrophoresis, multi-dimensional chromatography and mass spectrometry platforms.

Protein Workflow

We offer an extensive line of reagents to help support your protein electrophoresis based research, including Weight Markers, Gels & Precast Gels, Blotting, Stain & Dyes, Substrates, Buffers and much more.

Biotechnology Essentials

We offer a broad selection of peptones and extracts, dehydrated media, microbiological tests or CRM such as the Vitroids™ Certified Reference Microorganisms. Discover our new product lines for microbiology including Fluoroselect™ Assay Kits, Enzyme Confirmation Cards, and ID Membranes.

Roche Premier Alliance

We are the exclusive, single source supplier of well-respected, high quality reagents and kits from Roche for genomics, proteomics and cell analysis. When paired with our complementary biology essentials, these products provide one-stop access to key materials across your critical workflows.

Sterile Filtration

We are the brand of choice for sterile filters for everything from media preparation for cell culture to sterile filtration of critical test and screening compounds. With industry-leading innovative designs for filtration devices and over 50 years of membrane technology expertise, we provide complete solutions to make repetitive and critical tasks accurate, quick and easy.

Custom Oligos

Recognized as the world’s leading supplier of custom DNA and RNA oligonucleotides & synthetic peptides, our ability to guarantee the highest quality and performance is directly related to our comprehensive understanding of oligonucleotide chemistry and synthesis platforms, our investment in analytical systems and our experience in methods development.