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NAOSMM Preferred Supplier and Service Agreement


This agreement establishes terms for NAOSMM member orders of products listed in MilliporeSigma’s current online catalogs and/or price book or other pricing media supplied to NAOSMM members.

The agreement is only valid on items available for purchase through or Customer Service at 800-325-3010 or

Members in Good Standing

The benefits given under the terms of this agreement apply to all members in good standing of NAOSMM as a benefit of the NAOSMM membership. Membership status is notified to MilliporeSigma by NAOSMM’s membership committee that a member has met conditions for membership and, as such, is eligible for, and should receive, the benefits afforded herein.

For each NAOSMM member to receive benefits under this proposal, the member shall complete the information requested on the NAOSMM Membership Information Sheet before the terms of the agreement shall be activated.

This agreement applies only to NAOSMM members located in the United States.


Benefits for all members shall expire each year and be reinstated upon notification of membership renewal. NAOSMM’s membership committee shall notify MilliporeSigma as early as possible each year regarding the renewal status of members.

  • If a member renews prior to March 31st of any membership year, the benefits of this agreement shall automatically renew.
  • If a member does not renew prior to March 31st of any given membership year, then the benefits of this agreement will not renew until such membership is renewed and MilliporeSigma is notified by NAOSMM.
  • MilliporeSigma is not responsible for any loss of benefits due to delayed membership renewal.


NAOSMM members shall place orders under this agreement directly with MilliporeSigma for all MilliporeSigma brands. In no case shall NAOSMM members place orders for any products through third-party suppliers or distributors. NAOSMM members shall not allow for the review of orders for any reason other than general administration of the agreement or other business requirements. No competitor shall have access to the details of the order history with NAOSMM members for any reason whatsoever.

Orders under the agreements may be submitted from any NAOSMM member’s locations as defined by this agreement by telephone, fax, Internet, mail or electronic data interchange (EDI).

After completion of this agreement, a contract number will be issued and must be used when placing an order. MilliporeSigma is not responsible for any loss of benefits if a contract number is not used when placing an order. If orders are placed using the website, an adjustment to the member’s profile will need to be made to activate NAOSMM discounted pricing. Members should contact MilliporeSigma at for help in this matter.


MilliporeSigma will provide special pricing for select product categories. All prices are based on discounts off the current list price. The discount percentages listed in this agreement will remain fixed for the duration of the agreement unless or until market conditions warrant altering or eliminating discounts for any given category or an individual product, which MilliporeSigma may do at its sole discretion.

MilliporeSigma may offer special pricing based on annual requirements and commitments as periodically requested by NAOSMM members.

The discount savings offered under this proposal shall not take effect or shall be removed if a NAOSMM member is not currently under the payment terms of this agreement.


MilliporeSigma payment terms are Net 30 days for individual invoices. NAOSMM members may use corporate credit cards (“procurement cards”) for the purchase of product (“procurement card purchase”). In the event of a procurement card purchase, the payment terms and conditions as set forth in the agreement shall not apply, but all other terms and conditions in the agreement shall be applicable.


We reserve the right not to offer, or to cancel, the terms of this agreement to any member not meeting the membership requirement of NAOSMM and/or working for any organization that is in competition with MilliporeSigma.