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Quality Mission Statement

Our Quality Mission Statement (Download PDF)

Our Quality Vision

Quality is embedded in everything we do. 

As a global leader in the Life Sciences industry, we are committed to high-quality products and services, manufacturing effectiveness, and meeting our customers’ expectations.

Quality is embedded in everything we do, meaning we provide quality, compliance and business support in the most effective and efficient way for the entire portfolio of our life science business.

Our Capabilities

Together with Operations, more than 1,700 quality and regulatory professionals ensure compliance and high quality of our Life Science products and services worldwide.

Our Life Science Quality & Regulatory Management team is responsible for identifying and mitigating risks with the support of a risk management system, and ensuring compliance with regulations related to:

  • Chemicals  
  • Pharmaceutical and food materials
  • Biologics
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Animal byproducts

Our Quality Culture

Quality Control Pyramid

Since early on, our company has set standards for the quality of our products. In 1851, Emanuel Merck personally guaranteed the quality of his products and, shortly thereafter, he established his own control lab where he also established quality standards.

The Life Science Quality Mission Statement is based on our company’s Quality Vision and demonstrates our commitment to quality. As the foundation of our Quality Culture, we have established the Quality Pyramid with its 5 Behavioral Elements and their respective Excellence Criteria.

We foster a quality culture based on:

  • Highly qualified and proactive professionals
  • An environment of customer centricity and continuous improvement
  • Robust and standardized processes
  • Integrated risk management and global tools
  • Measurements aligned with customers’ expectations and regulatory needs.
Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct (Download PDF)

Our Code of Conduct

Several guidelines are part of our structured system of policies and help us to implement our values and principles. This system aims to ensure that all employees know the relevant rules and regulations, and can apply them to their work. Tried-and-proven management systems ensure that the processes relevant to our Corporate Responsibility strategy are systematically managed and monitored.

Everything we do is based on our 6 company values:  

  • Courage opens the door to the future
  • Achievement makes our entrepreneurial success possible
  • Responsibility determines our entrepreneurial actions
  • Respect is the foundation of any partnership
  • Integrity ensures our credibility
  • Transparency makes mutual trust possible

Our Social Responsibility

Our commitment to the community goes beyond our headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. As an international company, we are involved in the communities that surround our network of more than 100 manufacturing and distribution sites.

Learn more about Our Good Deeds.

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