≥99%, purified by sublimation

Empirical Formula (Hill Notation):
CAS Number:
Molecular Weight:
Beilstein/REAXYS Number:
EC Number:
MDL number:
PubChem Substance ID:



purified by



156-159 °C (lit.)


benzene: freely soluble(lit.)
chloroform: freely soluble(lit.)
diethyl ether: freely soluble(lit.)
ethanol: freely soluble(lit.)
petroleum ether: very slightly soluble(lit.)

SMILES string




InChI key


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General description

Phenoxazine dyes, including several Nile blue analogs, are known to localize selectively in animal tumors.


Phenoxazine is a tricyclic 2′deoxycytidine analog that has been used to improve stacking interactions between heterocycles of oligonucleotide/RNA hybrids and to enhance cellular uptake.


1 g in glass bottle

Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


C W Lin et al.
Cancer research, 51(4), 1109-1116 (1991-02-15)
The overall goal of our research is to develop effective new photosensitizers for tumor-selective photodynamic therapy. Phenoxazine dyes, including several Nile blue analogues, are known to localize selectively in animal tumors. Structural modifications yielded several series of analogues with substantially...
W M Flanagan et al.
Nature biotechnology, 17(1), 48-52 (1999-01-27)
One of the major barriers to the development of antisense therapeutics has been their poor bioavailability. Numerous oligonucleotide modifications have been synthesized and evaluated for enhanced cellular permeation with limited success. Phenoxazine, a tricyclic 2' deoxycytidine analog, was designed to...
Kyoko Hayashi et al.
Journal of pharmacological sciences, 114(1), 85-91 (2010-08-26)
We examined the in vivo antiviral activities of 2-amino-4,4α-dihydro-4α-7-dimethyl-3H-phenoxazine-3-one (Phx-1), 3-amino-1,4α-dihydro-4α-8-dimethyl-2H-phenoxazine-2-one (Phx-2), and 2-aminophenoxazine-3-one (Phx-3) against herpes viruses. The virus yield three days after administration, changes in the 6-degree's lesion scores, and the morbidity were assessed after herpes simplex virus...
Martin Link et al.
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, 21(18), 5538-5542 (2011-08-02)
Novel amino-reactive phenoxazines were obtained by reasonably simple synthetic protocols and characterized in terms of their use as fluorescent labels for amines, amino acids and proteins in general. Purple labels (alternatives to Texas Red) and blue labels (alternatives to Cy-1)...
Juozas Kulys et al.
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology, 158(2), 445-456 (2008-11-19)
Many industrial pollutants, xenobiotics, and industry-important compounds are known to be oxidized by peroxidases. It has been shown that highly efficient peroxidase substrates are able to enhance the oxidation of low reactive substrate by acting as mediators. To explore this...

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