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General description

cOmplete ULTRA Tablets contain the most powerful protease inhibitor cocktail for the optimal protection of your proteins against protease degradation. As this tablet contains EDTA, metalloproteases are also inhibited. One cOmplete ULTRA Tablet is sufficient for a volume of 50 ml extraction solution. cOmplete ULTRA Tablets contain both irreversible and reversible protease inhibitors. Tablets are supplied in glass vials. Alternatively, these tablets are also available in EASYpack blister packs. EASYpacks are the most convenient form of delivery - single tablets are easily pushed through the blister foil directly into the buffer.


Inhibits a broad spectrum of serine proteases, cysteine proteases, aspartic proteases, and metalloproteases.


During cell lysis and purification, target proteins are at risk of being cleaved by proteases, which are naturally present in cells. To ensure that full-length proteins are obtained, cOmplete ULTRA Tablets are used for the inhibition of an extended variety of proteases. This new formulation shows high inhibition ratios due to its broadened range of inhibitors compared to standard cOmplete Tablets.
This new protease inhibitor cocktail now inhibits aspartic proteases, as well as serine, cysteine, and metalloproteases. cOmplete ULTRA Tablets were developed for improved efficiency on different cell types. Best performance is guaranteed in lysates of bacteria, yeast, insect cells, and a wide range of higher cell lines.
cOmplete ULTRA Tablets, glass vials Protease Inhibitor Cocktail has been used as a component of lysis buffer for the extraction of recombinant proteins from Escherichia coli.

Features and Benefits

  • Protect your precious proteins.
Choose cOmplete ULTRA for even more efficient protease inhibition in eukaryotic, yeast, and bacterial cell lysates.
  • Why settle for less.
Benefit from 8 powerful protease inhibitors including EDTA – more than in other inhibitor tablets.
  • Defend against a broad range of proteases.
Reliably inhibit serine, cysteine, metallo-, and aspartic proteases.
  • Convenient and safe tablet format.
Eliminate weighing small amounts of individual inhibitors which might be hazardous. Simply drop a tablet into your buffers.
  • Suitable for IMAC purification
Purify poly-histidine tagged proteins with cOmplete His-Tag Purification Resin.


Proprietary mixture of several protease inhibitors with broad inhibitory specificity.

Physical form

Tablets in a glass vial. Each tablet is sufficient for a volume of 50 ml extraction solution.

Preparation Note

Working concentration: 1 Tablet per 50 ml extraction solution.
1 Tablet contains 18.5 mg EDTA, yielding a 1 mM solution of EDTA in the 50 ml solution.
Working solution: Handling

Carefully push the tablet through the foil packaging using the base of your thumb (not your fingernail) to prevent the breakage of tablets.

Preparation of Working Solution

One tablet is sufficient for the inhibition of proteolytic activity in 10 ml extraction solution. If very high proteolytic activity is present, 2-3 tablets should be used for 10 ml extraction buffer. The tablets can be added directly to the extraction medium.

Stock Solution (2x conc.)

Alternatively to the direct use with lysates, a 2x stock solution can be prepared, with the following procedure:
• Add one cOmplete ULTRA Tablet to 25 ml double-distilled water in a PE or PP tube.
• Vortex 4 min, until the tablet is dissolved.
• The stock solution is ready to use even if there are very fine parti­cles still visible in solution. These particles do not interfere with the inhibition performance of the tablets.
• This stock solution is stable for 4 weeks, stored at 2 to 8 °C, and for at least 4 weeks at  -15 to  -25 °C as well.
• During storage of the 2x stock solution, the particles can sediment. Briefly vortex the stock solution prior to use.

Storage conditions (working solution): The stock solution in water is stable for 4 weeks, stored at 2 to 8 °C, and for at least 4 weeks at  -15 to -25 °C as well.


Soluble in aqueous buffers, or add directly to extraction media. For the stock solution, use water only.

Other Notes

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Legal Information

cOmplete is a trademark of Roche


NONH for all modes of transport

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Get maximum protection after protein isolation by using protease and phosphatase inhibitor cocktail tablets from Roche.
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