phospho-Retinoblastoma (pSer249/pThr252) ELISA human

phospho-Rb (pSer249/pThr252), sufficient for 96 multiwell tests

Retinoblastoma ELISA, Rb ELISA
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sufficient for 96 multiwell tests

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wet ice

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Gene Information

human ... RB1(5925)

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General description

A solid phase sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).


Phospho-Rb (pSer249/pThr252) ELISA is designed to quantitate the amount of human Rb protein that is dually phosphorylated at serine 249 and threonine 252. This ELISA does not recognize Rb phosphorylated at sites other than (pSer249/pThr252) or non-phosphorylated Rb. To quantitate the total amount of Rb (regardless of phosphorylation state) in the sample, use total Rb ELISA (CS0050).
Designed for the quantitative determination of human retinoblastoma (Rb).

Biochem/physiol Actions

Rb, the tumor suppressor product of the retinoblastoma susceptibility gene, is a 110 kDa protein that plays an important role in regulating cell growth and differentiation. The cell cycle inhibitory function is abrogated when Rb undergoes phosphorylation, catalyzed by the complex of cyclins/cyclin-dependent protein kinases (cdks).

Features and Benefits

The kit offer a fast (total assay time 4 hours), sensitive (sensitivity 0.1 ng/mL for non-phosphorylated and <0.8 units/mL for phosphorylated Rb) and easy alternative to immunoblotting or other bioassays. Precoated plates are provided in the kit, incubations proceed at room temperature and no proprietary equipment is required.

Analysis Note

The sensitivity is < 0.8 units/mL, which is 8 times more sensitive than immunoblotting.

Hazard Codes


Safety Statement



UN 3316 9/PG 3

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