Casein Kinase II Assay Kit

sufficient for 70 reactions

CKII Assay Kit
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sufficient for 70 reactions

shipped in

dry ice

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Gene Information

human ... CSNK2A1(1457), CSNK2A2(1459), CSNK2B(1460)

General description

The Casein Kinase II Assay Kit measures the CKII enzyme activity by in vitro phosphorylation of the Casein Kinase II Substrate. This substrate is a peptide that is selective for CK II with no activity with CK I.
The kit also contains a CK II specific inhibitor to ensure the specificity of the CK activity, and purified CK II for use as a positive control.

Biochem/physiol Actions

Casein Kinase type II (CK II) is a tetrameric enzyme of 130-150 kDa with α2β2 structure. The α subunit is catalytic and the β subunit is thought to have regulatory properties. CK II is expressed in the nucleus as well as in the cytoplasm and mitochondria. It has been implicated in a variety of cellular processes and is important for signaling pathways controlling growth division including mitosis, cellular transformation, and differentiation of cells

Kit Components Only

Product No.

  • Assay Buffer for Casein Kinase Activity 1.5 mL

  • ATP Solution .5 mL

  • Casein Kinase II Substrate 1 mg

  • Casein Kinase II from Rat Liver 1 U

  • Heparin (CKII Inhibitor) 1 mL

  • Enzyme Dilution Buffer 1.7 mL

  • P81 Cellulose Phosphate Squares 10 ea

Safety Statement


Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
Casein kinase 2: an 'eminence grise' in cellular regulation?
L A Pinna
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1054(3), 267-284 (1990-09-24)

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