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sTNF R (p55) ELISA
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sufficient for 96 determinations

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sTNF RI ELISA is a solid phase enzyme amplified sensitivity immunoassay (EASIA), which is a blend of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) directed against distinct epitopes of sTNF-RI. Standards or samples containing sTNF RI react with capture monoclonal antibodies (MAbs 1) coated on the multiwells and with a monoclonal antibody (MAb 2) labeled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP). Bound antibodies are measured by a chromogenic reaction.

Features and Benefits

The assay is sensitive (minimum detectable concentration 50 pg/mL) and specific (does not cross react with sTNF-RII and no interference with TNF-α).

Analysis Note

sTNF RI is detectable in urine, plasma, and culture supernatants.

Kit Components Only

Product No.

  • sTNF-RI Standard, lyophilized 1 vial

  • Monoclonal-Anti-sTNF-RI-Coated 96 well plate 1 ea

  • Control 1, lyophilized 1 vial

  • Control 2, lyophilized 1 vial

  • Monoclonal Anti-sTNF-RI-HRP Conjugate 21 mL

  • Wash Buffer Concentrate (200X) 10 mL

  • Stabilized Chromogen (TMB) 25 mL

  • Stop Solution 25 mL

  • sTNF-RI Standard 1, Lyophilized 1 vial

  • sTNF-RI Standard 2, Lyophilized 1 vial

  • sTNF-RI Standard 3, Lyophilized 1 vial

  • sTNF-RI Standard 4, Lyophilized 1 vial

  • sTNF-RI Standard 5, Lyophilized 1 vial

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Hazard Codes



UN 3316 9/PG 3

Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
P Scheurich et al.
International journal of cancer, 38(1), 127-133 (1986-07-15)
The expression of specific membrane receptors for TNF-alpha was determined on various human leukemic cell lines differing in their sensitivity to the growth-inhibitory activity of TNF-alpha. Binding studies with 125I-labelled TNF-alpha indicated specific binding in 8/10 cell lines with approximately...

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