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Elaidic acid ethyl ester


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Clarissa Hamaio Okino-Delgado et al.
PloS one, 12(10), e0186246-e0186246 (2017-10-27)
Cooking oil waste leads to well-known environmental impacts and its bioremediation by lipase-based enzymatic activity can minimize the high cytotoxic potential. In addition, they are among the biocatalysts most commercialized worldwide due to the versatility of reactions and substrates. However...
Soo J Park et al.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 25(18) (2020-09-17)
The cuticular layer of the insect exoskeleton contains diverse compounds that serve important biological functions, including the maintenance of homeostasis by protecting against water loss, protection from injury, pathogens and insecticides, and communication. Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt) is the most destructive...
Shujauddin Changi et al.
ChemSusChem, 5(9), 1743-1757 (2012-08-29)
We examined the behavior of phenylalanine in high-temperature water (HTW) at 220, 250, 280, and 350 °C. Under these conditions, the major product is phenylethylamine. The minor products include styrene and phenylethanol (1-phenylethanol and 2-phenylethanol), which appear at higher temperatures and...
Claudia Dussaubat et al.
Journal of chemical ecology, 36(5), 522-525 (2010-04-20)
Pheromones in social insects play a key role in the regulation of group homoeostasis. It is well-established that parasites can modify hormone signaling of their host, but less is known about the effect of parasites on pheromone signaling in insect...
Y Ingrid Goh et al.
Alcohol (Fayetteville, N.Y.), 44(7-8), 629-634 (2010-06-30)
Meconium fatty acid ethyl esters (FAEEs) are sensitive and specific biomarkers for prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) in pregnancy. We recently reported a 2.5% rate of FAEE positive meconium in a general population sample of infants born in the region of...

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