Protease Inhibitor Panel

for custom cocktail preparation

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General description

As powders, all reagents can be stored at 0 °C. Those reagents designated for room temperature and 2-8 °C storage do not require storage at 0 °C, but will not be adversely affected when stored at 0 °C. Allow all powders to warm to room temperature before opening. Store tightly sealed and protect from moisture.


Create your own broad-spectrum protease inhibitor cocktails or screen your extracts for proteolytic activity. Panel includes inhibitors for serine, cysteine, calpains and metalloproteinases. Components also include the economical alternatives NEM, EAC and trypsin inhibitor.
Stock solutions of each inhibitor should be prepared first, prior to creating a cocktail. Mixtures of some inhibitor stock solutions may result in precipitation due to interactions between inhibitors and the mixing of solvents. In most cases further dilution will aid solubility.

Other Notes

All kit components are also available separately.

Kit Components Only

Product No.

  • E-64 5 mg

  • AEBSF 25 mg

  • Antipain 5 mg

  • Aprotinin 5 mg

  • Benzamidine HCl 5 g

  • Bestatin 5 mg

  • Chymostatin 5 mg

  • EDTA 50 g

  • ε-aminocaproic acid 25 g

  • N-Ethylmaleimide 5 g

  • Leupeptin 5 mg

  • Pepstatin A 5 mg

  • Phosphoramidon 5 mg

  • Trypsin inhibitor 100 mg

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Signal Word


Target Organs

Respiratory Tract


UN 3316 9

Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
Bart Bryant et al.
PloS one, 6(11), e25502-e25502 (2011-11-30)
Autophagy plays a pivotal role by allowing cells to recycle cellular components under conditions of stress, starvation, development and cancer. In this work, we have demonstrated that programmed autophagy in the mosquito fat body plays a critical role in maintaining...
Huan Long et al.
BMC neuroscience, 12, 17-17 (2011-02-08)
Disabled-1 (Dab1) is an adaptor protein that is essential for the intracellular transduction of Reelin signaling, which regulates the migration and differentiation of postmitotic neurons during brain development in vertebrates. Dab1 function depends on its tyrosine phosphorylation by Src family...

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