Maize SSR Primer Set

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General description

The Maize SSR Primer Set is a cost-effective solution for SSR or SSLP mapping and screening projects that reduces or eliminates the need for custom oligos. The Maize SSR Primer Set consists of 384 pairs of primers selected from the maize genome database. The selections cover the entire maize genome with an average of 20 cM units of map distance between two SSR markers. This primer set is useful for screening new maize populations for genetic mapping, genotyping, marker-trait association analysis, and physical mapping of BAC clones, etc. All primers pass sequence and PCR validation tests. The primers are arrayed in four 96-well plates with a normalized concentration of 50 μM / 200 μl (1 nmol / well). For additional information, please see www.sigma-aldrich.com/maizessr


  • Four 96-well plates containing 384 pairs of lyophilized primers (1 nmol per well)
  • Four additional 96-well plates for dilutions
  • 20 sheets of sealing films

Other Notes

The difference between the Maize SSR Primer Set (M4193) and the Maize Polymorphic SSR Primer Set (M8818) is the intention of the sets. The Maize SSR Primer Set is intended to provide relatively even coverage of the entire maize genome (average of 20 cM units of map distance between SSR markers). The Maize Polymorphic SSR Primer Set provides coverage of the entire maize genome, however, it is intented is to target genome regions that have a high probability of polymorphism, with little regard to spacing between SSR markers.

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Hongliang Wang et al.
PLoS genetics, 15(8), e1008377-e1008377 (2019-08-30)
Intercellular communication in adjacent cell layers determines cell fate and polarity, thus orchestrating tissue specification and differentiation. Here we use the maize stomatal apparatus as a model to investigate cell fate determination. Mutations in ZmBZU2 (bizui2, bzu2) confer a complete...

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