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The PeroxiDetect Kit For the Determination of Aqueous and Lipid Hydroperoxides was developed for the measurement of peroxides in biological systems, which is an important factor in determining the degree of free radicals present in specific tissues.


For the determination of aqueous peroxides and lipid hydroperoxides. Peroxides serve as a source for hydroxyl or peroxyl reactive radicals. These radicals can interact with DNA, proteins or lipid components of cells, causing cell damage that could lead to cell death. The measurement of peroxides in biological systems is an important factor in determining the degree of free radicals present in specific tissues. Lipid peroxidation has been proposed to contribute to various pathophysiological cell and tissue abnormalities. For example, increased levels of lipid peroxidation products in red blood cells were found to correlate well with the onset of diabetes mellitus in pregnant women. Cholesterol hydroperoxides accumulate in patients having excessive blood alcohol. Measurement of hydrogen peroxide in tissues has been used to study several aspects of free radical damage such as skin aging as induced by UV light and the effect of H2O2 as an inducer of elevated tyrosinase levels in melanoma cells. H2O2 has been shown to be a potent mitogen for growth-arrested cultured human aortic smooth muscle cells. The PeroxiDetect kit is capable of detection of H2O2 in aqueous solutions in the range of 1-7 nanomoles per reaction volume or of lipid hydroperoxides in organic solvents in the range of 1-16 nanomoles per reaction volume. This kit is based on the fact that peroxides will convert Fe2+ ion to Fe3+ ion at acidic pH. The Fe3+ ion will form a colored adduct with xylenol orange which is observed at 560 nm.
PeroxiDetect Kit is suitable for use:
  • in the quantification of hydroperoxides in synaptosomal preparation
  • in measuring lipid peroxidation in melanoma cells
  • to quantify peroxides in the cerebral cortex
  • intestinal lumen sample

Peroxides will convert Fe2+ to Fe3+ ions under acidic conditions. Fe3+ ions will then form a colored adduct with xylenol orange, which is observed at 560 nm.


Kit contains reagents for 100 tests of aqueous peroxide and 100 tests of organic peroxide.

Legal Information

PeroxiDetect is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Kit Components Only

Product No.

  • tert-Butyl hydroperoxide 1 mL

  • Hydrogen peroxide 1 mL

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UN 3316 9

WGK Germany


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Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
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