Peroxisome Isolation Kit

isolate peroxisomes from tissues and cells

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General description

Isolated peroxisomes are used for studying lipid β-oxidation, amino acid metabolism and biosynthesis of ether-linked glycerolipids and bile acids.


The Perixosome Isolation Kit provides all the necessary reagents and a detailed protocol for the isolation of highly purified peroxisomes from animal tissues and cells, by differential density gradient centrifugation using iodixanol OptiPrep. This kit has been used for preparation of peroxisomes from rat liver, rat kidney and rabbit liver as well as HEK293 and HepG2 cells.

Features and Benefits

  • Specially formulated extraction reagents for research scale applications - save time and minimize waste
  • Produces functional intact organelles - resulting peroxisomes are suitable for functional studies, metabolic assays, protein profiling, and disease state analysis
  • Compatible with products for structure confirmation - easily confirm intactness with companion test kit, Cytochrome C Reductase Assay Kit (Cat. No. CY0100)

Other Notes

Upon receiving the kit, the Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (Product Code P 8340) should be stored at –20 °C and the OptiPrep Density Gradient Medium (Product Code D 1556) should be stored at room temperature.

Legal Information

OptiPrep is a trademark of Alere Technologies AS

Kit Components Also Available Separately

Product No.

  • P8340Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, for use with mammalian cell and tissue extracts, DMSO solution


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UN 1993 / PGIII

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

188.6 °F - closed cup

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87 °C - closed cup

Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
P B Lazarow et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 73(6), 2043-2046 (1976-06-01)
Purified rat liver peroxisomes contain a cyanide-insensitive fatty acyl-CoA oxidizing system that uses O2 and NAD as electron acceptors. The system was detected by the ability of added palmitoyl-CoA to elicit O2 consumption, H2O2 production, and O2-dependent NAD reduction. The...
Xiu-Fei Chen et al.
EMBO reports, 19(5) (2018-03-02)
Peroxisomes account for ~35% of total H2O2 generation in mammalian tissues. Peroxisomal ACOX1 (acyl-CoA oxidase 1) is the first and rate-limiting enzyme in fatty acid β-oxidation and a major producer of H2O2 ACOX1 dysfunction is linked to peroxisomal disorders and...
C M Rodrigues et al.
Journal of lipid research, 37(3), 540-550 (1996-03-01)
We recently demonstrated that the formation of delta 22-bile acids is a quantitatively major pathway for normal bile acid synthesis in the adult male Sprague-Dawley rat. This pathway is specific for 7 beta-hydroxy bile acids and, when ursodeoxycholic acid is...
G P Mannaerts et al.
Biochimie, 75(3-4), 147-158 (1993-01-01)
This article summarizes our current knowledge of the metabolic pathways present in mammalian peroxisomes. Emphasis is placed on those aspects that are not covered by other articles in this issue: peroxisomal enzyme content and topology; the peroxisomal beta-oxidation system; substrates...
K Burdett et al.
The Journal of biological chemistry, 266(19), 12201-12206 (1991-07-05)
Upon differential centrifugation of guinea pig intestine mucosal cells homogenate, fatty acyl-CoA:NADPH oxidoreductase (long chain alcohol forming) was found to be enriched in the light mitochondrial (L) fraction (sedimenting between 66,000 x g min and 500,000 x g min) which...
The isolation of subcellular fractions by centrifugation is a commonly used technique and is widely applicable across multiple cell and tissue types. Because organelles differ in their size, shape, and density, centrifugation can be easily employed to separate and purify organelle fractions from gently homogenized samples.
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