sufficient for 96 multiwell tests

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sufficient for 96 multiwell tests

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Gene Information

human ... MAPK14(1432)

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General description

A solid phase sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).


p38 MAP kinase (MAPK), also known as a CDC-2-related protein kinase or CSBP (cytokine suppressive anti-inflammatory drug binding protein) regulates many cellular processes including inflammation, cell differentiation, cell growth and death. p38 MAP kinase is the human homolog of the S. cerevisiae gene Hog1, which is a MAPK required for growth under high-osmolarity conditions. The kit is designed to detect and quantify the levels of phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated p38 MAPK from cell lysates. It detects native and recombinant p38 protein.
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
p38 MAPK ELISA specifically measures human, monkey, and mouse p38 MAPK.

Features and Benefits

The assays are a sensitive, quantitative, and economical alternative to traditional immunoblotting or bioassays. They are fast (4 hours), easy to perform (precoated plates, room temperature incubations, no proprietary equipment required) and the results are reproducible from lot-to-lot.

Analysis Note

The sensitivity is <16 pg/mL of human p38 MAPK, which is 10x more sensitive than immunoblotting. Linear regression yielded a correlation coefficient of 0.99.

Kit Components Only

Product No.

  • p38 MAPK Standard (lyophilized, human, full length recombinant p38 MAPK protein expressed in E. coli) 2 vial(s)

  • Standard Diluent Buffer 1 x 25

  • Anti-p38 MAPK-Coated 96 Well Plate 1 ea

  • Anti-p38 MAPK Antibody 1 x 11

  • Anti-Rabbit IgG-Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) Concentrate (100x) 1 vial

  • Wash Buffer Concentrate 25x 1 x 100

  • Stabilized Chromogen, Tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) 1 x 25

  • Stop Solution 1 x 25

  • Plate Covers, Adhesive Strips 3 ea

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UN 3316 9/PG 3

J Han et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1265(2-3), 224-227 (1995-03-16)
Mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinases are intracellular serine/threonine kinases activated by dual phosphorylation of adjacent threonine (T) and tyrosine (Y). A diverse number of extracellular signals induce activation of MAP kinases. Here we describe the cloning of a cDNA encoding human...
D V Bulavin et al.
Nature, 411(6833), 102-107 (2001-05-03)
Response to genotoxic stress can be considered as a multistage process involving initiation of cell-cycle arrest and maintenance of arrest during DNA repair. Although maintenance of G2/M checkpoints is known to involve Chk1, Chk2/Rad53 and upstream components, the mechanisms involved...
A Skripchenko et al.
Vox sanguinis, 107(4), 360-367 (2014-07-01)
Bacterial proliferation is inhibited in platelets (PLTs) stored at refrigerated temperatures, but also dramatically decreases PLT in vivo survival. Recent studies have demonstrated that cold temperature (CT) stored PLTs secrete sialidases upon re-warming, removing sialic acid from the PLT surface...

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