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Rat Dermal Fibroblasts: RDF (Cryovial)

biological source

rat dermis (Sprague Dawley)

growth mode



2n = 42



General description

RDF have been used in allogenic prosthetic grafts, demonstrating improved epithelization, collagen organization and faster regeneration (Nomoto, 2012), in a cell sheet engineering study, where a sheet of dermal fibroblasts was transplanted into the damaged liver in allogeneic rat model to promote migration of hepatic progenitor cells and faster healing (Muraoka, 2013), and as a control in engineered cardiac tissues (Serrao, 2012).


injury recovery, connective tissue research, laminin and fibronectin production, extracellular matrix, tissue organization, wound healing, fibroblasts growth factor response,

Preparation Note

  • 1st passage, >500,000 cells in Rat Fibroblast Basal Medium that contains 10% FBS and 10% DMSO
  • Can be cultured at least 8 population doublings

Subculture Routine

Please refer to the RDF Culture Protocol.

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