Total Protein Kit, Micro Lowry, Peterson′s Modification


Quality Level


sufficient for ~200 assays

General description

This method utilizes sodium dodecylsulfate, included in the Lowry reagent, to facilitate the dissolution of relatively insoluble lipoproteins. An optional deoxycholate-TCA precipitation step permits removal of interfering substances such as Tris, sucrose, EDTA, salts, etc.


Total Protein Kit, Micro Lowry, Peterson′s Modification has been used to measure protein content.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete kit for protein assays
  • Most widely cited protein assay
  • Less protein to protein variation than other assays
  • Contains reagents that can remove interfering substances


An optional deoxycholate-TCA precipitation step permits removal of interfering substances such as Tris, sucrose, EDTA, salts, etc. Absorbance at 500-800 nm (typically read at 750 nm) is used to determine protein concentration from a standard curve.

Signal Word


Target Organs

Respiratory system


UN 3316 9

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