Horizontal IBI electrophoresis units

Model QS 710, Quick Screening



capacity 30 samples two 15-tooth combs
comb positions 2


IBI IB51000

buffer capacity

250 mL

gel W × L

7 cm × 10 cm

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General description

includes two 1.5mm × 8-tooth combs
These units are complete designs that incorporate the best features of the popular IBI units.

  • Durable acrylic construction with fewer seams and more unitized parts
  • Vented safety lid allows heat to escape and improves visibility by reducing condensation
  • External casting system allows one gel to be cast (without tape) while another is running
  • Electrical contact is made by gently placing the lid on the chamber, eliminating sample disturbance during set-up
  • Gel trays are transparent to 312 nm UV light to allow visualization on the tray
  • Dark stripes below each comb position make it easy to see wells in submerged gel
  • Platinum electrodes and gold-plated contacts resist corrosion


Each of these units comes complete and includes a casting system with UV-transparent gel tray, leveling bubble, power leads, 2 combs and buffer recirculating ports. Does not include extra gel-casting accessories, combs, or replacement parts.

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