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Genes & Signals


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M. Ptashne & A. Gann, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2002, 192 pp., hard cover


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General description

Genes & Signals analyzes gene regulation from a new perspective. The first chapter describes mechanisms found in bacteria, and two subsequent chapters discuss which of these is most highly exploited in higher organisms. A final chapter relates these molecular strategies to other enzymatic processes, including those involving kinases, RNA splicing enzymes, proteases, and others. A general theme emerges, one that proposes how a rather restricted set of signals and enzymatic functions has been used in evolution to generate complex life forms of different types.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Lessons from Bacteria
Chapter 2: Yeast: A Single-celled Eukaryote
Chapter 3: Some Notes on Higher Eukaryotes
Chapter 4: Enzyme Specificity and Regulation

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