ORBO 100 on Carbotrap® B (20/40), 350/175 mg

W,W,W separators, O.D. × L 7 mm × 110 mm, pkg of 25 ea

ORBO Carbotrap Tube
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W,W,W separators

Quality Level


Bed A, 350 mg
Bed B, 175 mg

mfr. no.

ORBO 100


pkg of 25 ea


air monitoring: suitable

O.D. × L

7 mm × 110 mm


Carbotrap® B Graphitized Carbon Black (GCB)

particle size

20-40 mesh

Featured Industry

Industrial Hygiene

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General description

ORBO sorbent tubes (W,W,W separators, O.D. × L 7 mm × 110 mm) contain two beds of the same selective adsorbent separated by glass wool or foam, for gas and vapor sampling. The dual-layer or two-bed construction of the tube allows for any sample breakthrough to be captured in the smaller back-up bed.

Legal Information

Carbotrap is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC
ORBO is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC


NONH for all modes of transport

Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
S Ghittori et al.
Giornale italiano di medicina del lavoro, 10(4-5), 201-205 (1988-07-01)
A laboratory study, using generated atmosphere containing 0.14/23.3 mg/m3 of Benzene, was conducted to adapt an existing industrial hygiene monitoring method for measuring low concentrations of Benzene. This method was developed to determine concentrations of Benzene in the ambient air...
Florian Gahleitner et al.
Bioanalysis, 5(18), 2239-2247 (2013-09-24)
In-community non-invasive identification of asthma-specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in exhaled breath presents opportunities to characterize phenotypes, and monitor disease state and therapies. The feasibility of breath sampling with children and the preliminary identification of childhood asthma markers were studied....
S Ghittori et al.
Journal of toxicology and environmental health, 38(3), 233-243 (1993-03-01)
Benzene concentrations in urine samples (Cu, ng/L) from 110 workers exposed to benzene in chemical plants and gasoline pumps were determined by injecting urine supernate into a gas chromatograph. The urine was saturated with anhydrous N2SO4 to facilitate the passage...
Gary Strobel et al.
Biotechnology letters, 35(4), 539-552 (2012-12-19)
The construction and testing of a unique instrument, the Paleobiosphere, which mimics some of the conditions of the ancient earth, is described. The instrument provides an experimental testing system for determining if certain microbes, when provided an adequate environment, can...
E Gallego et al.
Waste management (New York, N.Y.), 32(12), 2469-2481 (2012-08-14)
Municipal solid waste treatment facilities are generally faced with odorous nuisance problems. Characterizing and determining the odorous charge of indoor air through odour units (OU) is an advantageous approach to evaluate indoor air quality and discomfort. The assessment of the...

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