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≥10% water as stabilizer


156 °C (dec.) (lit.)

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UN 3376 4.1 / PGI

WGK Germany


T Huque et al.
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. B, Comparative biochemistry, 86(1), 135-139 (1987-01-01)
The total plasmalogen content of lingual and other tissues was analyzed using the iodine-addition (Method 1), the p-nitrophenylhydrazone (Method 2), and the two-dimensional thin layer chromatography procedure (Method 3). Methods 1 and 2 were simple, rapid and reproducible, yielding values...
Y Kariya et al.
Journal of biochemistry, 123(2), 240-246 (1998-04-16)
Compositional analyses of heparin (Hep) and heparan sulfate (HS) have been undertaken with disaccharide units obtained by either enzymatic digestion with heparitinases or hydrazinolysis/deamination reaction of polysaccharides. Unsaturated disaccharide units generated by the enzymatic method are detectable on HPLC with...
Atsuko Satoh et al.
Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1647(1-2), 272-277 (2003-04-11)
Quinohemoprotein amine dehydrogenase (QH-AmDH) catalyzes the oxidative deamination of aliphatic and aromatic amines. The enzyme from Pseudomonas putida has an alpha beta gamma heterotrimeric structure with two heme c groups in the largest alpha subunit, and a novel quinone cofactor...
Minae Mure et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 125(20), 6113-6125 (2003-06-06)
4-n-Butylamino-5-ethyl-1,2-benzoquinone (1(ox)) has been synthesized as a model compound for the LTQ (lysine tyrosyl quinone) cofactor of lysyl oxidase (LOX). At pH 7, 1(ox) has a lambda(max) at 504 nm and exists as a neutral o-quinone in contrast to a...
R V Raju et al.
Journal of AOAC International, 77(3), 748-751 (1994-05-01)
Three spectrophotometric methods were developed for the microdetermination of decamethrin in insecticidal formulations and in water. The methods are based on the hydrolysis of decamethrin with methanolic KOH to 3-phenoxybenzaldehyde; condensation of the hydrolysis product with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (2,4-DNPH), 4-nitrophenyl-hydrazine (4-NPH)...

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