Resazurin sodium salt

certified by the Biological Stain Commission

7-Hydroxy-3H-phenoxazin-3-one-10-oxide sodium salt
Empirical Formula (Hill Notation):
CAS Number:
Molecular Weight:
Beilstein/REAXYS Number:
EC Number:
MDL number:
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Quality Level


certified by the Biological Stain Commission




Dye content, 75%


hematology: suitable
histology: suitable


1 M NH4OH: 1 mg/mL


380 nm (2nd)
598 nm

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storage temp.

room temp

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1, 5, 25 g in glass bottle


For the measurement of metabolic activity and proliferation of living cells. The bioreduction of the dye reduces the amount of the oxidized form (blue) and concomitantly increases the fluorescent intermediate (red).

Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Certificate of Analysis
Certificate of Origin
Nizioł-Łukaszewska Zofia et al.
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity, 2020, 5307614-5307614 (2020-09-24)
Plant materials play a very significant role as components of products being used both for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Due to the high content of active substances, they can play an important role as extracts with antioxidant, regenerative, and antiaging...
Amir Kumar Singh et al.
Nature communications, 9(1), 4515-4515 (2018-10-31)
Dysregulated ROR-γt-mediated IL-17 transcription is central to the pathogenesis of several inflammatory disorders, yet the molecular mechanisms that govern the transcription factor activity of ROR-γt in the regulation of IL-17 are not fully defined. Here we show that SUMO-conjugating enzyme...
Morris E Feldman et al.
PLoS biology, 7(2), e38-e38 (2009-02-13)
The mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) regulates cell growth and survival by integrating nutrient and hormonal signals. These signaling functions are distributed between at least two distinct mTOR protein complexes: mTORC1 and mTORC2. mTORC1 is sensitive to the selective inhibitor...
Jiqing Zhang et al.
Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy, 22(7), 1320-1332 (2014-04-04)
This study characterizes the ability of novel oncolytic rhabdoviruses (Maraba MG1) to boost natural killer (NK) cell activity. Our results demonstrate that MG1 activates NK cells via direct infection and maturation of conventional dendritic cells. Using NK depletion and conventional...
Andrej Wagner et al.
International journal of molecular sciences, 15(11), 20134-20157 (2014-11-08)
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a palliative treatment option for unresectable hilar biliary tract cancer (BTC) showing a considerable benefit for survival and quality of life with few side effects. Currently, factors determining the cellular response of BTC cells towards PDT...

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