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Carbonyl sulfide


Carbon oxysulfide
Linear Formula:
CAS Number:
Molecular Weight:
EC Number:
MDL number:
PubChem Substance ID:

Quality Level

vapor density

2.1 (20 °C, vs air)

vapor pressure

9034 mmHg ( 21 °C)





expl. lim.

11.9-29 %


−50 °C (lit.)


−138 °C (lit.)

SMILES string




InChI key



227 g in steel cylinder

Other Notes

For 295124-300G-EU packaging: 500 mL of aluminium cylinder equipped with brass valve.

Recommended products

For 295124-300G-EU: outlet fitting: DIN 477-1 no. 1, Z742160 or Z742161 are the recommended regulators.

Signal Word


Hazard Classifications

Acute Tox. 2 Inhalation - Eye Irrit. 2 - Flam. Gas 1B - Press. Gas Liquefied gas - Skin Irrit. 2 - STOT SE 3

Target Organs

Respiratory system

Storage Class Code

2A - Gases

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Mojtaba Rezaei et al.
The journal of physical chemistry. A, 115(38), 10416-10422 (2011-08-25)
Infrared spectra of the C(2)H(2)-(OCS)(2) trimer are studied by means of direct infrared absorption spectroscopy. The van der Waals complexes are generated in a supersonic slit-jet apparatus and probed using a rapid-scan tunable diode laser in the region of the...
Andrea K Steiger et al.
ACS chemical biology, 12(8), 2117-2123 (2017-06-15)
Hydrogen sulfide (H
Keren Stimler et al.
Plant physiology, 158(1), 524-530 (2011-11-23)
The potential use of carbonyl sulfide (COS) as tracer of CO(2) flux into the land biosphere stimulated research on COS interactions with leaves during gas exchange. We carried out leaf gas-exchange measurements of COS and CO(2) in 22 plant species...
Xueqian Wang et al.
Journal of hazardous materials, 229-230, 128-136 (2012-06-19)
Activated carbon modified with different impregnants has been studied for COS removal efficiency under micro-oxygen conditions. Activated carbon modified with Cu(NO(3))(2)-CoPcS-KOH (denoted as Cu-Co-KW) is found to have markedly enhanced adsorption purification ability. In the adsorption purification process, the reaction...
Andrew R Bartholomaeus et al.
Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association, 43(12), 1687-1701 (2005-09-06)
Carbonyl sulfide (COS) is a new grain fumigant which has been developed to replace methyl bromide, being phased out due to its ozone depletion properties, and to supplement phosphine gas which is experiencing increased insect resistance. Treatment of commodities with...


GC Analysis of a 7-Component Sulfur Gases Mix on Supel-Q™ PLOT after SPME using 75 μm Carboxen/PDMS Fiber

Separation of Sulfur dioxide; Hydrogen sulfide; Carbonyl sulfide; Methanethiol; Ethanethiol; Dimethyl disulfide; Carbon disulfide

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