(Phenylamino)acetic acid, Anilinoacetic acid
Linear Formula:
CAS Number:
Molecular Weight:
Beilstein/REAXYS Number:
EC Number:
MDL number:
PubChem Substance ID:

Quality Level



reaction suitability

reaction type: solution phase peptide synthesis


peptide synthesis: suitable


121-123 °C (lit.)

SMILES string




InChI key


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Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Y Imai et al.
Dental materials : official publication of the Academy of Dental Materials, 10(4), 275-277 (1994-07-01)
This research was designed to study the effect of water or carboxylic acid monomer on the polymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) in order to understand the bonding mechanism of dentin bonding systems using N-phenylglycine (NPG). The polymerization of HEMA in...
A D Johnston et al.
Journal of dental research, 68(9), 1337-1344 (1989-09-01)
Using bond strength measurements, we investigated a number of related compounds in order to elucidate the role of the surface-active ingredient, N-phenylglycine (NPG), in experimental two-step and three-step bonding protocols resulting in adhesive bonding to dentin. All active compounds identified...
Zhongqiao Hu et al.
The journal of physical chemistry. B, 113(48), 15851-15857 (2009-11-10)
A microscopic understanding of chiral separation mechanisms in liquid chromatography is significant in the pharmaceutical industry to facilitate the rational design of novel stationary phases and the optimization of separation processes. A molecular simulation study is reported to investigate the...
N J Miniotis et al.
Journal of dental research, 72(6), 1045-1049 (1993-06-01)
This study evaluated and compared the contributions to dentin adhesive bonding of three N-phenylglycine analogues with electron-withdrawing substituents on the aromatic ring. These electron-deficient "N-compounds" included: N-(4-chlorophenyl)-glycine (NCPG), N-methyl-N-(4-chlorophenyl)-glycine (NMNCPG), and N-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-glycine (NDCPG). An experimental three-step dentin-bonding protocol that consisted...
G Kato et al.
Dental materials : official publication of the Academy of Dental Materials, 14(5), 347-352 (1999-06-24)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of remaining non-resin-impregnated, phosphoric acid demineralized dentin upon the long-term durability of specimens that were wet-bonded to bovine dentin substrates. Prepared bovine dentin samples were etched with 65% phosphoric acid...

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