mesoporous MCM-48, <15 μm particle size, pore size 3 nm, thiol functionalized

Thiol functionalized MCM-48, Thiol functionalized mesoporous slica, Mesoporous silica

Quality Level

particle size

<15 μm

pore size

3 nm pore size

functional group


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The unique physical properties such as high surface areas and ordered pore structure of mesoporous silica combined with the selectivity of amine and thiol functional groups make them useful for diverse applications. For example amine and thiol modified mesoporous silica finds applications in CO2 sequestration, heavy metal (such as Pb, Fe, Au etc.) removal from waste water or industrial waste streams. Also, the ability of the amine and thiol modified mesoporous silica to bind the metallic nanoparticles such as Pt or Pd render them useful as novel catalytic support. The functionalization of mesoporous silica with amine and thiol also makes them useful for entrapping biological entities and for investigations involving the study of the effect of quantum confinements of molecules/solvent within the ordered mesopores.


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Precautionary Statements


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

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Not applicable

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Bob Grünberg et al.
Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), 10(22), 5689-5696 (2004-10-08)
The adsorption of water in two mesoporous silica materials with cylindrical pores of uniform diameter, MCM-41 and SBA-15, was studied by 1H MAS (MAS=magic angle spinning) and static solid-state NMR spectroscopy. All observed hydrogen atoms are either surface -SiOH groups...
Synthesis of Gold Catalysts Supported on Mesoporous Silica Materials: Recent Developments.
Gutierrez LF, et al.
Catalysts, 1, 97-154 (2011)
Aoife M Burke et al.
Journal of hazardous materials, 164(1), 229-234 (2008-09-23)
Here we demonstrate aminopropyl and mercatopropyl functionalised and bi-functionalised large pore mesoporous silica spheres to extract various metal ions from aqueous solutions towards providing active sorbents for mitigation of metal ion pollution. Elemental analysis (EA) and FTIR techniques were used...
Amrit Kumar et al.
Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English), 54(48), 14372-14377 (2015-10-07)
Sequestration of CO2, either from gas mixtures or directly from air (direct air capture, DAC), could mitigate carbon emissions. Here five materials are investigated for their ability to adsorb CO2 directly from air and other gas mixtures. The sorbents studied...
T Suami et al.
Carbohydrate research, 53(2), 239-246 (1977-02-01)
The aminocyclitol antibiotic neamine has been modified chemically by removing one or two hydroxyl groups from the 2-deoxystreptamine moiety to give 5- and 6- deoxyneamines (5 and 10), as well as 5,6-dideoxyneamine (15). Their antimicrobial activities were determined against several...

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