Hoveyda aminophenol catalyst
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Molecular Weight:




powder or crystals


165-168 °C

storage temp.


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(S)-2-((2-Hydroxy-3-(triphenylsilyl)benzyl)amino)-N,N,3-trimethylbutanamide is an aminophenol organocatalyst developed by the Hoveyda lab for enantioselective addition of allylboron compounds to imines, ketones, and other carbonyls, including polyfluorinated substrates.

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Farid W van der Mei et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139(26), 9053-9065 (2017-06-27)
A practical method for enantioselective synthesis of fluoroalkyl-substituted Z-homoallylic tertiary alcohols has been developed. Reactions may be performed with ketones containing a polylfluoro-, trifluoro-, difluoro-, and monofluoroalkyl group along with an aryl, a heteroaryl, an alkenyl, an alkynyl, or an...
KyungA Lee et al.
Nature chemistry, 8(8), 768-777 (2016-07-22)
Organofluorine compounds are central to modern chemistry, and broadly applicable transformations that generate them efficiently and enantioselectively are in much demand. Here we introduce efficient catalytic methods for the addition of allyl and allenyl organoboron reagents to fluorine-substituted ketones. These...
Daniel W Robbins et al.
Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English), 55(33), 9610-9614 (2016-06-09)
A set of broadly applicable methods for efficient catalytic additions of easy-to-handle allyl-B(pin) (pin=pinacolato) compounds to ketones and acyclic α-ketoesters was developed. Accordingly, a large array of tertiary alcohols can be obtained in 60 to >98 % yield and up to...

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