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NanoFabTx microfluidic - micro

device kit for synthesis of 1-5 μm particles

Microfluidic kit, Microparticle, NanoFabTx device kit, Nanoformulation


Microfludic device kit for synthesizing 1-5 μm microparticles

Kit components :

  • Microfluidic chip x 1
  • Tubings and accessories

Quality Level


advanced drug delivery

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General description

NanoFabTx Microfluidic - micro device kit includes a comprehensive protocol, pre-assembled microfluidic chip manifold, tubing, and accessories—a microfluidic platform to synthesize drug-encapsulating microparticles 1-5 μm in size. It is compatible with either a standard syringe pump (not included) or the Dolomite microfluidics system (not included). The device kit does not include reagents. NanoFabTx- micro reagent kits, like NanoFabTx PLGA-micro (Cat.No. 912220) provide the reagents for the synthesis of 1-5 μm PLGA microparticles.


NanoFabTx Microfluidic - micro device kit is designed to work with the NanoFabTx- micro reagent kits for the synthesis of 1-5 μm particles (Cat.No. 912220) and can be used to create drug-encapsulated polymeric microspheres with narrow size-dispersity and consistent drug loading. Polymeric microparticles also can encapsulate larger biologics like proteins, mRNA, and DNA, in addition to drugs and small molecules, and may serve as vehicles for targeted delivery and controlled release. Microfluidic-based synthesis is a powerful tool in drug development for fabricating size-controlled drug-delivery particles, enabling scalable synthesis of particles and rapid formulation screening. In contrast to nanoprecipitation or solvent-displacement methods, microfluidic technologies have several advantages including enhanced reproducibility, less consumption of expensive reagents, and superior scalability.

Features and Benefits

  • Step-by-step microfluidic-based protocols developed and tested by our formulation scientists
  • Optimized to make monodisperse microparticles of any size between 1 and 5 μm
  • Facilitates simple optimization of drug encapsulation and loading efficiency in microparticles

Legal Information

NANOFABTX is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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