Scienceware® vacuum aspirator bottle with trap

capacity 1.0 gal



Bel-Art F19917-0002


1.0 gal

General description

Make Quick Work of Large Jobs

For easy and continuous aseptic vacuum aspiration of a variety of liquids, including tissue culture media, supernatants, and chemical wastes. To use, simply insert a pipette tip, Pasteur pipette or serological pipette into the collection tube and connect vacuum line to vacuum source.

  • Chemical and corrosion resistant polypropylene bottle and epoxy coated steel frame
  • Will not crowd workspace, fume hood, or laminar flow hood
  • Quickly and conveniently aspirate and collect fluids using a vacuum source
  • Holds 3200 mL (108 oz) and the included trap prevents fluid flow into the vacuum source
  • Use to aspirate media, waste chemicals, cell washing solutions, and more
  • Ideal for use with dishes, plates, flasks and tubes
  • All parts, except the clear PVC tubing, are autoclavable at 121 °C (250 °F)

Legal Information

Scienceware is a registered trademark of SP Scienceware, a division of SP

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