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Gold Nanoshells

150 nm, with Streptavidin, Bioready, OD 10, Streptavidin, in Aqueous Conjugate Buffer

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particle size

150 nm

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Gold nanoshells (150 nm, with Streptavidin, Bioready, OD 10, Streptavidin, in Aqueous Conjugate Buffer) can be potentially used in a variety of applications such as label-free biosensors, magnetic nanoparticles based bioassay, localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR), and plasmon biosensors.
Owing to their plasmonic properties nanoparticles of gold and silver find broad range of applications extending from diagnostics to molecular detection, photothermal and microwave-based therapies, and nanotoxicology. Colloidal silver nanoparticles also find applications in antimicrobial coatings, electronics and photovoltaics, and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) whereas the colloidal gold nanoparticles find applications in lateral flow assays (immunochromatographic assays) and as TEM labels and size standards.

Our BioReady materials are engineered for reliable conjugation to antibodies, proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules and are ideal for lateral flow (immunochromatographic assays) and other diagnostics related applications.

The BioReady spherical gold nanoshells are made up of silica core and gold shell and are available with carboxyl, NHS, and streptavidin surface functional groups. These novel gold nanoshells are well suited for lateral flow assay applications. The gold nanoshells show strong absorbance and exhibit greater per-particle signal and, compared to the conventional 40 nm gold nanoparticles, these could enhance the assay sensitivity by 20 fold. Gold surface in these nanoshells is promising as the substitution of gold nanoshells in existing gold nanoparticles-based assays should be easy. The gold nanoshells offer a high contrast blue/gray stripe line (compared to red or pink stripe from 40 nm gold).

Gold nanoshells with carboxyl surface can be used for robust covalent conjugation. This allows for greater stability, sensitivity, reproducibility, and control over particle antibody loading (often requires less antibody compared to passive adsorption). Our covalently-bound streptavidin conjugated gold nanoshells allow easy binding with biotin.

The BioReady conjugation kits contain dried gold nanoshells with NHS-activated carboxyl surface. With pre-functionalized nanoshells with EDC/NHS surface, these are well suited for rapid antibody screening.
The small reaction NHS kits contain 50 μL of 20 OD gold in each unit whereas the large reaction kits contain 500 μL of 20 OD gold in each unit.

Storage and Stability

DO NOT FREEZE. Store at 2-8C when not in use to maximize shelf life. Nanomaterials can be sensitive to high and low pH conditions and high salt concentrations. Use caution when changing environmental conditions as particles may aggregate.

Legal Information

Product of nanoComposix, Inc.

Storage Class

12 - Non Combustible Liquids




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