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Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography, 2nd ed.


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L. Snyder and J. Kirkland, John Wiley & Sons, 1979, 896 pp., hard cover

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This Second Edition incorporates the latest developments in the practical application of LC. Covers the basic of LC, the six LC methods and their applications, and various specialized areas. Provides material for in-depth comprehension of how HPLC is performed, what the necessary materials are, and possible applications. Offers thorough treatment of such areas as quantitative and qualitative analysis by HPLC, preparative scale separations, gradient elution and column-switching, sample pretreatment and reaction detectors, automated systems for high-volume testing and/or samples requiring pretreatment, troubleshooting and sample artifacts, and selection and development of LC method for a particular applications.

Table of Contents

Basic Concepts and Control of Separation.
The Column.
Bonded-Phase Chromatography.
Liquid-Liquid Chromatography.
Liquid-Solid Chromatography.
Ion-Exchange Chromatography.
Ion-Pair Chromatography.
Size-Exclusion Chromatography.
Quantitative and Trace Analysis.
Qualitative Analysis.
Preparative Liquid Chromatography.
Gradient Elution and Related Procedures.
Sample Pretreatment and Reaction Detectors.
Selecting and Developing One of the LC Methods.
Troubleshooting the Separation.
Appendix I--Suppliers of LC Equipment, Accessories and Column.
Appendix II--Miscellaneous Tables Used by Workers in LC.
List of Symbols.
List of Abbreviations.

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