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Aldrich® modified Dean-Stark trap

Joints: ST/NS 24/40 (2), reservoir capacity 35 mL


Joints: ST/NS24/40 (2)

reservoir capacity

35 mL

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General description

Designed specifically for azeotropic distillation using solvents heavier than water (e.g., chloroform). The 8 mL reservoir version is specifically designed for small scale azeotropic distillation of valuable solvents using heavy water. 2 mm bore PTFE stopcock and 300 mm overall height.
The Modified Dean-Stark Technique (see Fig. 1)
Solvent vapors condense and collect in the receiver
2. The modified Dean-Stark trap separates the two components
3. The heavier than water layer sinks to the bottom of the trap leaving the water on top
4. The solvent is forced back through the inside tube and returned to the boiling flask
5. The upper water layer is drained out through the 2 mm PTFE stopcock

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