Whatman® anion exchange cellulose



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Whatman 4057-050
Whatman Article No. 28419498 (US reference)

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General description

The DE weak (charge dependent on pH) anion exchangers are based on the diethylaminoethyl (DEAE) tertiary amine functional group. QA52 is a strong (charge independent of pH) anion exchange medium, containing quaternary amine groups.

DE23 dry fibrous DEAE cellulose - Allows fast flow rates especially after fines removal; suitable for negatively charged biopolymers.

DE32 dry microgranular DEAE cellulose - Similar performance characteristics after precycling as DE52.

DE52 preswollen microgranular DEAE cellulose - Probably the most widely used DEAE cellulose in the world; used for biopolymers with low to high negative charges; exhibits excellent resolution with good flow rates.

DE53 preswollen microgranular DEAE cellulose - Partially quaternized DEAE anion exchanger, highly substituted and with higher capacity than DE52; can be used in series with DE52 media.

QA52 preswollen microgranular QA cellulose - A strongly basic, quaternary amine-bearing anion exchange medium, moderately substituted, with high protein capacity. Fully ionized, bears constant charge under all pH conditions; excellent for high pH applications.

Other Notes

Field of Use : For internal research use only. Products are not intended for diagnostic use or resale.

Legal Information

Whatman is a registered trademark of Cytiva


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

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