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Egg Lyso PE

L-α-lysophosphatidylethanolamine (Egg, Chicken), powder

CAS Number:


>99% (LPE; may contain up to 10% of the 2-LPE isomer, TLC)




pkg of 1 × 10 mg (860081P-10mg)
pkg of 1 × 100 mg (860081P-100mg)
pkg of 1 × 25 mg (860081P-25mg)

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dry ice

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General description

Phosphatidylethanolamine is a phospholipid and is bound to the biological membranes.


Egg Lyso PE is suitable for use:
  • in the activation of lysophospholipid of human transforming growth factor β1(TGF-β1)
  • in determining the influence of lysoPE on binding of class II MHC molecules to peptides containing a photoreactive compound
  • to check its effect on catherin mediated endocytosis(CME) in breast cancer SUM159 cells

Biochem/physiol Actions

Phosphatidylethanolamine has a tendency of binding to proteins and forming a complex of phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein (PEBP).


5 mL Amber Glass Screw Cap Vial (860081P-25mg)
5 mL Amber Glass Screw Cap Vial (860081P-100mg)
5 mL Amber Glass Screw Cap Vial (860081P-10mg)

Storage Class Code

13 - Non Combustible Solids

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Lysophospholipid regulates release and activation of latent TGF-beta1 from chondrocyte extracellular matrix
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Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids, 1684(1-3), 18-28 (2004)
Function from structure? The crystal structure of human phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein suggests a role in membrane signal transduction
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Exogenous lysophospholipids with large head groups perturb clathrin-mediated endocytosis
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Phospholipids enhance the binding of peptides to class II major histocompatibility molecules
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