TLC Cellulose

pkg of 25 plates, plate L × W 20 cm × 20 cm, glass support

storage conditions

no restrictions.


cellulose matrix
glass support

Quality Level


pkg of 25 plates


thin layer chromatography (TLC): suitable

layer thickness

250 μm

plate L × W

20 cm × 20 cm

storage temp.


General description

Cellulose plates are used to analyze polar substances. An organic sorbent, cellulose is perfect for separating hydrophilic substances by partition chromatography. Typical applications include the analysis of amino acids, carbohydrates, and phosphates as well as nucleic acid and nucleic acid derivatives. We offer cellulose plates in two grades: TLC for conventional and HPTLC for demanding, high-performance separations.
25 Glass plates 20 x 20 cm


Replaces: 5716-7; 5716

Analysis Note

Layer thickness: 80 - 120 µm
Deviation of layer thickness per plate: ≤ 30 µm
Aminoacid test
- L-serine, amino acid test:
20 - 30
- L-threonine, amino acid test: 29 - 36
- L-alanine, amino acid test: 30 - 40
- L-methionine, amino acid test: 49 - 60
- L-phenylalanine, amino acid test: 59 - 70
- L-leucine, amino acid test: 66 - 76
Typical value determined on a plate
Eluent: 1-Butanol/ acetone/ acetic acid/ water (35/35/7/23 v/v/v/v) twice developed

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