Anaerocult P

Incubation bags for creating an anerobic environment, suitable for microbiology

Anaerobic incubation, Anaerobic growth


Creates an oxygen free (anaerobic) environment and a CO2 atmosphere in a single petri dish.




microbiology: suitable


suitable for (Anaerobic bacteria)

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General description

Anaerocult P sachet is moistened with water and placed in a special incubation bag, which is subsequently sealed. It contains components that chemically bind oxygen quickly and completely, creating an oxygen-free environment and a CO2 atmosphere for the cultivation of anaerobic bacteria. Each Petri dish can be incubated immediately after receiving the sample. This sachet is ideal for both urgent cases and the cultivation of extremely oxygen-sensitive microorganisms. Incubation of individual Petri dishes permits each one to be cultivated separately over the time period and at the temperature required. It also prevents interactions between the microorganisms on different plates.


Anaerocult P is a microbiological reagent for generating an anaerobic atmosphere in a single Petri dish to permit the cultivation of obligate and facultative anaerobes.

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