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Chromolith® WP 300 Protein A

L × I.D. 25 mm x 4.6 mm HPLC column

Chromolith® WP 300 Protein A 25-4.6 HPLC column


PEEK column

product line



endcapped: no
endcapped: no


1 ea of


2 - 45 °C temp. range
2-45 °C temp. range
200 bar pressure
200 bar pressure


HPLC: suitable
HPLC: suitable
LC/MS: suitable

column L × I.D.

2.5 cm × 4.6 mm


monolithic silica
monolithic silica

matrix active group

Protein A bonding phase
Protein A bonding phase

pore size

2 μm macroporosity
2 μm macroporosity
30 nm mesoporosity
30 nm mesoporosity

surface area

120 m2/g

operating pH range


operating pH


separation technique


storage temp.


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General description

Affinity chromatography is a selective technique which takes advantage of specific molecular interactions, for example antigen and antibody. The Chromolith® WP 300 Protein A HPLC column is designed to monitor monoclonal antibody titer and yield determination from cell-culture supernatants. This analytical scale procedure helps to optimize the titer of monoclonal antibody for the optimal time for harvest of the monoclonal antibody products.

Chromolith® WP 300 Protein A 25-4.6 columns are made of monolithic silica with a characteristic bimodal pore structure.

Key Benefits:
—Rapid and accurate titer determination across a wide range of injection volumes
—Consistent binding efficiencies even at high flow rates
—Expanded column lifetimes

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Chromolith® WP 300 Protein A is available in 2 mm I.D. providing improved efficiency, sensitivity, and enhanced MS-compatibility.
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All Supelco HPLC Columns, including monolithic Chromolith® columns, are fully compatible to all HPLC and UHPLC Instruments.
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Chromolith is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

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