This ImmunoPen is validated for use in Frozen Sections, Immunostaining Barrier, Paraffin Sections.

storage conditions

+15C to +30C



storage condition

OK to freeze

storage temp.


General description

Designed to minimize waste of antibody in immunostaining techniques on paraffin sections, frozen sections, or cytology preparations. When applied in a circle around the specimen, forms a hydrophobic barrier, retaining antibody. Sufficient for 500-800 individual applications. Not available for sale in Japan.
Designed to minimize antibody waste in immunostaining techniques on paraffin sections, frozen sections, or cytology preparations. The pen contains liquid resistant to water, alcohol, and acetone. When applied in a circle around the specimen the liquid forms a hydrophobic barrier, retaining antibody and minimizing waste of valuable reagents. Multiple sections, separated by individ-ual circular barriers, can be applied to the same slide. The ImmunoPen can be used for immunostaining procedures employing the following methods: PAP (peroxidase-antiperoxidase), ABC, enzymatic, and frozen section. While the barrier is insoluble in alcohol and acetone, it can be removed by xylene after the staining procedure is complete.


Frozen Sections

Immunostaining Barrier

Paraffin Sections


Toxicity: Standard Handling (A)


Keep cap tightly closed when pen is not in use, and store horizontally. Lasts for ~500-800 applications.

Other Notes

To start the ImmunoPen shake well and gently press the tip straight down several times until the fluid starts soaking the tip.

Paraffin Section Method:

Deparaffinize and rehydrate the section according to normal procedures. For best adhesion, dry around the section with tissue paper and encircle it with the ImmunoPen. Allow the circle to dry for approximately 1-2 min at room temperature, and then return the slide to water or buffer. If trypsinization or other proteolytic digestion is required, apply the ImmunoPen barrier after the digestion is completed.

Frozen Section Method:

Apply the ImmunoPen circle after cleaning slides with xylene/ethanol or coating with egg albumin, glycerin, or poly-L-lysine. Apply before fixation or first immersion in water or buffer. If the slide is treated with a hydrophile, soak it in 0.1N hydrochloric acid for 20 s, then wash with water.

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