ReNcell NSC Maintenance Media

ReNcell NSC Maintenance Medium is a defined serum-free, growth factor-free neural stem cell medium that has been optimized for the growth & in vitro differentiation of ReNcell immortalized human neural progenitor cells.

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General description

ReNcell NSC Maintenance Medium is a defined serum-free, growth factor-free medium that has been optimized for the growth and in vitro differentiation of ReNcell immortalized human neural progenitor cells. When used in conjunction with FGF and EGF, the maintenance medium will allow for the proliferation of ReNcell immortalized VM and CX neural stem cells. Withdrawal of the growth factors from ReNcell NSC Maintenance Medium will result in the spontaneous differentiation of ReNcell immortalized neural progenitor cells

Physical form

ReNcell NSC Maintenance Medium contains DMEM/F12, HEPES, L-glutamine, human serum albumin, human transferrin, putrescine dihydrochloride, human recombinant insulin, L-thyroxine, Tri-iodo-thyronine, progesterone, sodium selenite, heparin, corticosterone. The media does not contain antibiotics.

Storage and Stability

SCM005, ReNcell Neural Stem Cell Maintenance Medium should be stored at -20°C until ready to use. Upon thawing, the maintenance medium should be stored at 2-8°C and given a 1-month expiration dating.

Legal Information

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