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RiboJuice mRNA Transfection Kit

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RiboJuice mRNA Transfection Kit


RiboJuice mRNA Transfection Kit

GeneJuice® Transfection Reagent Non-lipid based chemical transfection reagent optimized for maximum transfection efficiency, ease-of-use, and minimal cytotoxicity on a wide variety of mammalian cells.


GeneJuice® Transfection Reagent


RiboJuice mRNA transfection reagent is formulated specifically for the delivery of larger RNA species into mammalian cells with high efficiencies and low toxicities. This RNA transfection reagent increases IPS reprogramming efficiencies when used with Simplicon RNA reprogramming technology

Features and Benefits

Transfection is the process of deliberately introducing nucleic acids into cells to overexpress a specific gene. Historically DNA plasmids have been the vehicle of choice for transfection; however, RNA mediated transfection have gained popularity recently in many applications such as stem cell biology, vaccine development and genome editing. Advantages to RNA transfection methods include: rapidity of expression, higher potential transfection efficiencies, multiplex gene expression capabilities, the ability to express in all cell types without the need for cell-type specific promoters, minimal risk of genomic integration and the ability to analyze the effects of gene over-expression in a transient manner. Recently, RNA transfection has gained increased interest due to the emergence of CRISPR/Cas gene editing system that relies on transfection of both a guide RNA strand and CAS9 protein.

RiboJuice mRNA transfection reagent is formulated specifically for the delivery of larger RNA species into mammalian cells. The kit consists of 1) RiboJuice mRNA transfection reagent: a novel non-liposomal cationic polymer/lipid mixture and 2) RiboJuice mRNA Boost Reagent. Both components are required to complex with RNA for the efficient RNA delivery into the cytoplasm of cells. RiboJuice mRNA has been shown to successfully increase reprogramming efficiencies when used in combination with EMD Millipore′s SIMPLICON® RNA reprogramming technology (Catalog number SCR550).

Note: Optimizing reaction conditions is necessary to ensure successful transfections. The following parameters must be optimized for each cell type to maximize RNA transfection efficiencies: cell densities, RNA 3′ tailing and 5′ capping, RNA purity levels, RNA quantity, volume of RiboJuice reagents, transfection incubation times, transfection media and cell culture conditions.

Featured and Benefits:

  • Increased iPSC Reprogramming Efficiencies: 5-fold increase in IPS cell generation using RNA reprogramming methods.
  • High Efficiency RNA Delivery: Achieve RNA delivery in a large population of cells to ensure experimental success.
  • Low Cellular Toxicity: Maintain cell density and reduce experimental biases.
  • Serum Compatibility: Perform transfections in the presence of serum which eliminates the need for a media change and maintains cellular health.
  • Animal-Free Format: This product does not utilize animal derived ingredients in the manufacturing process.


  • Physical characterization of reagent components is performed using mass spectrometry (MS) and NMR for identification and determination of purity.
  • Product is visually inspected to ensure that it is clear and free of particulates.
  • This product does not utilize animal derived ingredients in the manufacturing process.
  • Each batch is tested for RNA transfection efficiency by a luciferase reporter assay using CHO-K1 cells. The total nanograms of luciferase per well (average of replicate wells) must be greater than 20 ng per well in at least two separate experiments.

Other Notes

Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial

Legal Information

SIMPLICON is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany


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Hazard Classifications

Eye Irrit. 2 - Flam. Liq. 2

Storage Class

3 - Flammable liquids



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