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Celite® 500 fine

filter aid, dried, untreated

Diatomaceous earth, Kieselguhr, Diatomaceous silica
CAS Number:
MDL number:
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Al2O3, 3.8%
CaO, 0.5%
Fe2O3, 1.2%
Na2O + K2O, 1.1%
SiO2, 85.8%


3.2-7.0% loss on ignition, 900 °C

median particle size

13.0 μm (acc. to granulometric method (laser sizer))


~7 (25 °C, 10% in aq. suspension)

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Highly insoluble, inert material for use as a filtration aid.


Not Intended for cGMP Parenteral Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Other Notes

Legal Information

Celite is a registered trademark of Imerys Minerals California, Inc.

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

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