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Triton X-114

laboratory grade

(1,1,3,3-Tetramethylbutyl)phenyl-polyethylene glycol, Polyethylene glycol tert-octylphenyl ether
Linear Formula:
(C2H4O)n C14H22O, n = 7 or 8
CAS Number:
MDL number:
PubChem Substance ID:

Quality Level


laboratory grade



mol wt

average mol wt 537


t-Oct-C6H4-(OCH2CH2)xOH, x = 7-8

refractive index

n20/D 1.488 (lit.)


0.2 mM (20-25°C)

transition temp

pour point ~−9 °C
cloud point 23 °C


1.058 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)



SMILES string




InChI key


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General description

Triton X-114 is a nonionic detergent. It is a good detergent for solubilizing membranes having reversible phase-separation property useful for the separation of intrinsic membrane proteins. Solution of Triton X-114 is homogeneous at 0°C but phase separation into aqueous phase and a detergent phase occurs above 20°C. Phase separation of proteins in solutions of Triton X-114 has been investigated. This octylphenol ethoxylate is compatible with anionic, cationic, and other nonionic surfactants and chemically stable in most acidic & alkaline solutions.


Triton X-114 has been used:
  • To remove endotoxin from solutions of protein using phase separation technique
  • In the extraction and purification of DNA from endotoxin
  • In the biphasic extraction of lipoproteins from bacterial cell wall
  • As a non-ionic detergent with a low cloud point (23 °C) enabling protein solubilization with phase-partitioning of hydrophilic from amphiphilic proteins


1 gal in poly bottle
5 gal in poly drum
1 L in poly bottle
100, 500 mL in poly bottle

Legal Information

Triton is a trademark of The Dow Chemical Company or an affiliated company of Dow

Signal Word


Hazard Statements

Hazard Classifications

Acute Tox. 4 Oral - Aquatic Acute 1 - Aquatic Chronic 1 - Eye Dam. 1 - Skin Irrit. 2

Storage Class Code

10 - Combustible liquids



Flash Point(F)

483.8 °F

Flash Point(C)

251 °C

Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US), Eyeshields, Gloves

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

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