N-Heptanoyl-DL-homoserine lactone

≥97.0% (HPLC)

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≥97.0% (HPLC)


powder with small lumps


white to faintly brown

storage temp.


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Application test: Induces violacein expression in a Chromobacterium violaceum mutant usually not able to produce homoserine lactones.

Biochem/physiol Actions

N-Heptanoyl-DL-homoserine lactone (C7HSL) is among a group of homoserine lactones that includes; N-octanoyl-homoserine lactone (N-C8-HSL), N-Decanoyl-DL-homoserine lactone (N-C10-HSL), N-(3-oxodecanoyl) homoserine-L-lactone (3-oxo-C10 HSL), N-(3-oxododecanoyl)homoserine-L-lactone (3-oxo-C12-HSL), N-(3-Oxotetradecanoyl)-L-homoserine lactone (3-oxo-C14-HSL, N-(3-hydroxydecanoyl)-L-homoserine lactone, and N-(3-hydroxyoctanoyl)-L-homoserine lactone involved in the processes of bacterial quorum sensing. These N-acyl-homoserine lactones are used to study the processes and mechanisms of bacterial quorum sensing.
N-Heptanoyl-DL-homoserine lactone is a member of N-acyl-homoserine lactone family. N-acylhomoserine lactones (AHL) regulate gene expression in gram-negative bacteria, such asEcherichia and Salmonella are involved in quorum sensing, cell to cell communication among bacteria. Some AHLs are potent chemoattractants for human immune cells such as neutrophils.


Bottomless glass bottle. Contents are inside inserted fused cone.

Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves


NONH for all modes of transport

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

Not applicable

Flash Point(C)

Not applicable

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Detection of acyl-homoserine lactones by Escherichia and Salmonella.
Soares JA, Ahmer BM.
Current Opinion in Microbiology, 12, 188-193 (2011)
Armando M Pomini et al.
Journal of natural products, 71(6), 1032-1036 (2008-05-10)
(S)-N-Heptanoylhomoserine lactone is an uncommon acyl odd-chain natural product employed by many Gram-negative bacteria as a signaling substance in chemical communication mechanisms known as quorum sensing. The absolute configuration determination of the metabolite produced by the phytopathogen Pantoea ananatis Serrano...
Frank Wilco Bartels et al.
Biophysical journal, 92(12), 4391-4400 (2007-03-27)
Intercellular communication by means of small signal molecules coordinates gene expression among bacteria. This population density-dependent regulation is known as quorum sensing. The symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacterium Sinorhizobium meliloti Rm1021 possesses the Sin quorum sensing system based on N-acyl homoserine lactones...
Ali E McClean et al.
Phytopathology, 102(2), 195-203 (2012-01-13)
Several members of the bacterial genus Brenneria are pathogenic on different tree species. Cell-free extracts from the bacterial phytopathogens Brenneria rubrifaciens, B. salicis, and B. nigrifluens induced production of the red pigment rubrifacine in the B. rubrifaciens bruI insertional mutant...
Tomohiro Morohoshi et al.
FEMS microbiology letters, 279(1), 124-130 (2008-01-08)
In tests, Chromobacterium violaceum ATCC 12472 produced several N-acyl-L-homoserine lactones (AHLs). Of these, N-(3-hydroxydecanoyl)-L-homoserine lactone was dominant, and controlled violacein production by quorum sensing. Strain VIR07, an AHL-deficient mutant, did not produce violacein. Violacein production in VIR07 was induced by...

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