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(+)-Carvene, (+)-p-Mentha-1,8-diene, (R)-4-Isopropenyl-1-methyl-1-cyclohexene
Empirical Formula (Hill Notation):
CAS Number:
Molecular Weight:
Beilstein/REAXYS Number:
EC Number:
MDL number:
PubChem Substance ID:

Quality Level

vapor density

4.7 (vs air)

vapor pressure

<3 mmHg ( 14.4 °C)



optical purity

ee: 98% (GLC)

expl. lim.

6.1 %

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Waste Prevention
Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries
Use of Renewable Feedstocks
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refractive index

n20/D 1.473 (lit.)


176-177 °C (lit.)


0.842 g/mL at 20 °C (lit.)

greener alternative category


SMILES string




InChI key


Gene Information

human ... CYP1A2(1544)

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Chiral intermediate for natural product synthesis.


5, 100, 500 mL in glass bottle

Biochem/physiol Actions

Limonene is a cyclie terpene from Chinese medicinal herb essential oils used in the synthesis of carvone. Limonene may be used as a shrinking agent to dissolve polystyrene. Limonene may be used in various insecticidal and insect repellant applications.

Signal Word



Aquatic Acute 1 - Aquatic Chronic 1 - Asp. Tox. 1 - Flam. Liq. 3 - Skin Irrit. 2 - Skin Sens. 1


3 - Flammable liquids

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

123.8 °F - closed cup

Flash Point(C)

51 °C - closed cup

Personal Protective Equipment

dust mask type N95 (US),Eyeshields,Gloves

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Thomas G T Jaenson et al.
Journal of medical entomology, 43(1), 113-119 (2006-03-02)
In laboratory tests, ethyl acetate extracts of Hyptis suaveolens Poit. from Guinea-Bissau and Rhododendon tomentosum (Stokes) H. Harmaja (formerly Ledum palustre L.) and Myrica gale L. significantly reduced probing activity of Aedes aegypti (L.). In the field in southern Sweden...
L Castillejos et al.
Journal of dairy science, 89(7), 2649-2658 (2006-06-15)
Two experiments were conducted to determine the effects of several essential oil active compounds on rumen microbial fermentation. In the first experiment, 4 doses (5, 50, 500, and 5,000 mg/L) of 5 essential oil compounds were evaluated using in vitro...
Fan Yang et al.
Frontiers in medicine, 8, 591830-591830 (2021-03-27)
At the time of the prevalence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), pulmonary fibrosis (PF) related to COVID-19 has become the main sequela. However, the mechanism of PF related to COVID (COVID-PF) is unknown. This study aimed to explore the key...
Bharat B Aggarwal et al.
Biochemical pharmacology, 71(10), 1397-1421 (2006-03-28)
While fruits and vegetables are recommended for prevention of cancer and other diseases, their active ingredients (at the molecular level) and their mechanisms of action less well understood. Extensive research during the last half century has identified various molecular targets...
Zheng Wu et al.
Neuron, 106(2), 316-328 (2020-02-28)
Cognitive capacities afford contingent associations between sensory information and behavioral responses. We studied this problem using an olfactory delayed match to sample task whereby a sample odor specifies the association between a subsequent test odor and rewarding action. Multi-neuron recordings...
-(+)-Limonene, purum, ≥98.0% (sum of enantiomers, GC); Geranyl tiglate; α-Terpineol, natural, ≥96%, FCC, FG; Geranyl formate; α-Pinene
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-3,7-Dimethyl-2,6-octadien-1-ol; Neral; Geraniol; Geranial; Undecanal; Citronellyl acetate; Neryl acetate; 3,7-Dimethyl-2,6-octadienyl acetate; 1-Tetradecene; Tetradecane; α-Bisabolol
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-β-Farnesene; α-Huµlene; Germacrene D; (+)-Valencene; Bicyclogermacrene; (+)-δ-Cadinene
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-Cymene; 2,5-Dimethylpyrrole; Acetoin, ≥96%, FCC, FG; 2,5-Dimethylpyrazine; 2,6-Dimethylpyrazine; 2-Ethylpyrazine, ≥98%, FG; 2,3-Dimethylpyrazine; 4-Heptanone; 3-Ethylpyridine; 2,3,5-Trimethylpyrazine; Furfural; Pyrrole; Furfuryl acetate; Linalool; Linalyl acetate; 5-Methylfurfural; γ-Butyrolactone; 2-Acetyl-1-methylpyrrole; Furfuryl alcohol; 2-Acetylpyrrole; Pyrrole-2-carboxaldehyde
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