Cultrex® 3-D Culture Cell Harvesting Kit

General description

3-D Cultures exhibit cellular behaviors and morphologies similar to those seen in vivo; however, the adaptation of these models for studying biochemical processes has been impeded by the challenge of separating intact cells from extracellular proteins comprising the hydrogel. Commonly, proteases are employed to degrade these extracellular proteins; however, proteases also degrade proteins on the cell surface, and protease activity may carry over into lysate preparations. Non-enzymatic methodologies have also been described for depolymerizing extracellular matrix proteins, although the implementation of these protocols remains problematic for some researchers. Cultrex 3-D Culture Cell Harvesting Kit provides an optimized and standardized solution for the isolation and normalization of cell lysates from 3-D Culture Matrix BME or Laminin I for subsequent biochemical analysis.

Other Notes

Storage Conditions and Product Stability:
Components are stored at room temperature and -20°C.

Legal Information

3-D Culture Matrix is a trademark of Trevigen, Inc.
6538 is a trademark of American Type Culture Collection
Cultrex is a registered trademark of Trevigen, Inc.

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