Kolliphor® HS 15

Macrogol (15)-hydroxystearate, Solutol® HS 15, Polyethylene glycol (15)-hydroxystearate, Polyoxyethylated 12-hydroxystearic acid
CAS Number:
PubChem Substance ID:



Quality Level


free macrogoly, 27.0-39.0%


sample preservation: suitable


≤0.50% water
≤1 ppm ethylene oxide
≤1 ppm nickel
≤10 ppm dioxan
≤5000 ppm acetic acid
≤620 ppm diethylene glycol
≤620 ppm ethylene glycol
<10 ppm heavy metals

ign. residue



5.0-7.0 (1 g/10 mL in H2O)

acid value

≤1.0 mg KOH/g

hydroxyl value

90‑110 mg KOH/g

iodine value

≤2.0 g I2/100 g

peroxide value

≤3.0 meq/kg

saponification value

53‑63 mg KOH/g

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InChI key


Related Categories


Non-ionic solubilizer and emulsifier.
This research grade product is intended for use in R&D and development only.

Other Notes

Kolliphor HS 15 is a non-ionic detergent obtained by reacting 15 moles of ethylene oxide with 1 mole of 12-hydroxy stearic acid.

Legal Information

Kolliphor is a registered trademark of BASF
Solutol is a registered trademark of BASF SE


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Signal Word


Hazard Statements

Precautionary Statements


Skin Sens. 1


13 - Non Combustible Solids

WGK Germany


Flash Point(F)

521.6 °F

Flash Point(C)

272 °C

Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Origin

Chengwen Mao et al.
AAPS PharmSciTech, 10(3), 1058-1064 (2009-08-12)
In this study, a nanoemulsion (NE) system was investigated for intravenous delivery of lipophilic and venous irritant drugs. NEs were prepared to deliver diallyl trisulfide (DT) for systemic therapy of bacterial and fungal infection, egg phospholipid was chosen as the...
Emlyn Clay et al.
The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics, 357(1), 73-83 (2016-02-04)
Cough remains a major unmet clinical need, and preclinical animal models are not predictive for new antitussive agents. We have investigated the mechanisms and pharmacological sensitivity of ozone-induced hypertussive responses in rabbits and guinea pigs. Ozone induced a significant increase...
Arnaud Vonarbourg et al.
Biomaterials, 30(18), 3197-3204 (2009-03-31)
Most of DNA synthetic complexes result from the self-assembly of DNA molecules with cationic lipids or polymers in an aqueous controlled medium. However, injection of such self-assembled complexes in medium like blood that differ from that of their formulation leads...
J S Coon et al.
Cancer research, 51(3), 897-902 (1991-02-01)
A recently developed non-ionic surfactant called Solutol HS 15 (poly-oxyethylene esters of 12-hydroxystearic acid), with low toxicity in vivo, was shown to reverse completely the multidrug resistance of KB 8-5 and KB 8-5-11 human epidermoid carcinoma cells in vitro but...
Li Gan et al.
International journal of pharmaceutics, 365(1-2), 143-149 (2008-09-09)
The objective of the present study was to design a novel microemulsion in situ electrolyte-triggered gelling system for ophthalmic delivery of a lipophilic drug, cyclosporine A (CsA). A CsA-loaded microemulsion was prepared using castor oil, Solutol HS 15 (surfactant), glycerol...

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