Atto Rho13 maleimide

Quality Level


λex 600 nm; λem 625 nm

storage temp.



Atto Rho13 maleimide is a new fluorescent label belonging to the class of rhodamines. Characteristic features of the label are strong absorption, high fluorescence quantum yield, and high thermal and photo-stability. ATTO Rho13 is a cationic dye. After coupling to a substrate the dye carries a net electrical charge of +1. Maleimides are well suited for coupling to thiol groups. This is similar to iodacetamides, but maleimides react more selectively with thiols. They do not show significant reaction with histidine or methionine. Hydrolysis of maleimides to a mixture of isomeric nonreactive maleamic acids can compete significantly with thiol modification, particularly above pH 8. Maleimides may be used for labeling of amines, which usually requires a higher pH than reaction of maleimides with thiols.

Legal Information

This product is for Research use only. In case of intended commercialization, please contact the IP-holder (ATTO-TEC GmbH, Germany) for licensing.


NONH for all modes of transport

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